facebook kills my self-esteem, chapter 56.

i didn’t get invited to a little shindig thing that somebody’s putting together for saturday night.

before you’re all WHOA. DR. BOLTE. CALLLMMM DOWN, please know that i don’t particularly care and probably would have other plans anyways.

but this is one of those situations where i’m like ‘hey. you invited my ROOMMATE. invite everybody.’ and taps into my pet peeves about exclusivity.

and makes me realize that facebook? awesome. but dangerous.

and maybe a little bit stupid.

One Response to “facebook kills my self-esteem, chapter 56.”

  1. psssh, you want to come chill here? At my house? I think we’re doing something super-exciting like watching Mamma Mia.

    p.s. I think our date should include us watching the sing-along version of Mamma Mia. This idea is SO GOOD that I will now put it on your facebook wall so this comment won’t even matter. Point is, you’re too cool for them anyway. At least, I think so, and last time I checked my opinion TOTALLY matters in the Grand Scheme of Life.

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