i just made that up.

it’s a cross between fuzzy and muddled. i like it. i think it’s appropriate.

i’ve had about five hours of sleep. it ought to see me through, but we’ll see. i have a headache, probably because i hate crap frozen pizza last night and drove eight hours back to FL and stayed up until 5 a.m. i should be shredding, which i will probably do actually in about a few minutes, but really all i want to do is try to find words for my life.

which i can’t.

that’s frustrating, to some degree, because i know me and i know that if i don’t write about it, it will all get…fuzzled.

much like me.

why is it that i find words so easily for the bad stuff, but the good stuff comes with no words at all?

i need to find some. asap. i wish someone ELSE would write it for me…that might be fun. šŸ™‚

on that odd note, i’m going to go get shredded. don’t want to, but jillian michaels waits for no woman. plus…i have things to do today and i need her out of the way.

ah, goals. don’t you love them?

be good, y’all.

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