five signs.

1. i just ate cold leftover tater tots right out of the ziploc bag i put them in. with a fork. and i just squirted the ketchup in the bag.
2. next up is raw cookie dough.
3. i cried for absolutely no reason at all tonight over something stupid and it only occurred to me about an hour later that it was an overreaction.
4. no matter what i did this morning, i seemed to feel like i was beaten with the ugly stick.
5. i’m wicked insecure about things that not twelve hours ago i was completely fine and even supportive of.

there are benefits to being a girl. the three days a month when the crazy PMS hits? not so much. good grief i hate it. i hate how irrational i get (although i will admit to being grateful for my cognizance of my crazy, so i can minimize the collateral damage if at all possible).

i hate it SOOO much.

in other news, life is good, although i have yet to find balance (clearly). i’m working on it though. we’re working on it. my constant prayer this week will be to find the internal strength to push through, get on a better sleeping/eating/exercising schedule, and make the most of the time that i have. i need to find that scrappy self that can do anything. she’s awesome. i LIKE her.

and she’ll kick the crap out of the crazy.

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