i didn’t vote for him. but i’d vote for her.

i didn’t vote for president barack obama.

you may judge me for that, if you’d like. i understand.

but that ship has sailed and while i spent my morning asleep in bed trying to kick a cold, i will more than likely find the inauguration coverage online and share in that little slice of history. i feel rather ashamed that i didn’t do it today.

i have been rather tired of all of the inauguration talk. not because i have something burning against the president or his incoming administration, because i don’t. it’s not because i believe he is going to singlehandedly destroy america or something equally preposterous.

it’s mainly just election fatigue. i’ll be glad to get back to business. i’m not sure when that will happen, but i’d like for it to sometime soon.

as i was clicking through pictures of michelle obama, i realized something that sort of surprised me.

i am hecka excited to see what she will do as first lady. i am thrilled by the prospect of having a dynamic, outgoing, young, and vivacious woman in the white house who will be both raising children and pursuing an active service agenda.

i have had the greatest amount of respect for laura bush’s quiet way of advancing her own platform. i very much respect the bush women and their focus on literacy–i am a book girl after all.

but looking at pictures of this young mother, and seeing how ridiculously adorable her girls are, i am excited to see the dimension of american life that will bring to the white house.

youth is good. vigor is awesome. i am excited by both of those, and look forward to seeing what’s next.

and on a somewhat-related-but-really-actually-tangential note: i thought jill biden’s boots were slammin’.

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