shamelessly stolen from pink

Loving: the boy and how we’re still on our streak of spending time together every single day.

Consuming: i’m on a strawberry pop-tart thing right now. which is not in keeping with my goals.

Craving: banana pancakes, oddly enough. and french onion soup. that one’s going to happen soon. and meat. ooh. general tso’s tofu. YUM. i’m hungry. can you tell?

Hoping: to be brave.

Netflixing: planet earth. i need to sign up again, just so i can get all of the discs at one time. i have a plan.

Listening to: right this minute? the hum of the printer. in general? i’m keeping my ear out for a song that strikes me as appropriate.

Reading: a walk to remember.

Wanting: more time in the day. not having to sacrifice anything i want to do.

Looking Forward to: running the stadium, actually, in an hour. WEIRD. i’m a pod person.

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