cxxx: dilemma in denim.

the shred has been effective.

i use a form of the past tense because i think i am shredded out.  this week i haven’t done it once. i am not inclined to do it because a) i’ve done it most every day for a month b) i’m tired of it c) i’ll never master it (or so it feels) and d) i miss my sixty/seventy/eighty minute crazy cardio wackiness and gym psychotic sprees.  i may resurrect it twice or three times a week as a strength training supplement, but i think i may have toxed out on jillian michaels.

but it’s been effective. i’ve lost something like two inches from my hips and an inch from my waist and thighs.  in less than a month.

all of which makes my jeans even bigger than they were.

“yeah, yeah, yeah. big problem. stop your whining.”  i can hear you all now, and i understand. i really should shut up.


so…here’s my dilemma.

do i go invest the money in jeans that actually fit, since let’s be real–jeans are THE staple of my wardrobe–from the store where i got my jeans that the bff has told me he likes better than all of the rest because they actually fit (uhm…which inclines me to actually go buy 14 pairs of them if he likes them, but that’s neither here nor there) which will cost me $50 a pair at least (money that i could spend in a MULTITUDE of different ways…)?

or maybe see if jeans at real girl stores will seriously fit (like buckle…or somewhere else…) which will be more expensive but possibly last longer/look better/make me feel like i can conquer the WORLD?

or keep waiting until i get smaller?

i’m growing frustrated.

i’m also only about thirty pounds from my goal.  which is amazing and makes the dilemma even more obnoxious.  because i wonder if those thirty pounds will be two sizes (as is pretty standard–15 lbs = one size) or like four since apparently i’m losing inches INFINITELY faster than i am losing pounds.

expensive.  nice, but expensive.

so what should i do?  what would YOU do?

6 Responses to “cxxx: dilemma in denim.”

  1. SO, my MIL recently lost a bunch of weight. Her goal was 75 lbs. and when she was about 50 lbs lighter, she was still wearing her jeans from 50 lbs BEFORE and cinching her belt. Not gonna lie, she looked RIDICULOUS. We made her go buy new, inexpensive jeans. Transition jeans we called them. Now, I’m not saying you look ridiculous, but maybe go to Target or WalMart and buy one or two pair of cheaper transition jeans. They won’t be GREAT but they’ll fit and you won’t have to yank’em up 🙂 When you’ve reached your goal, go get thee a pair of kickin’ designer jeans (and splurge, big time on them. SOOOOO worth it.) and burn the transition jeans . . . because you CAN. And they were cheap 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Seriously!

    Also, because of you mentioning the Shred a few times I’ve bought it. It is still in it’s packaging although maybe during the kids nap today I’ll open it, you know, because a few inches in a month is nothing to take lightly:)

    Ok, I’ve been gaining and losing weight like it’s my job for about 5 years. No, really. I’ve gained almost 130 pounds (between two different pregnancies) and I’ve lost most of it and all I can say is BUY clothes that fit. Think of it as a reward. Although, I’d only buy a few pairs to get you through. Also, I HIGHLY reccommend Nordstrom Rack – they carry high quality merchandise at low prices and LOTS of sizes from petite to plus and everything else. I think the jeans I get are around $30 – $6 more than Old Navy but better quality and fit.


  3. Number one: losing inches is BETTER than losing pounds. Why? because losing inches means you’re losing the fat. Losing pounds isn’t as important because muscle weighs more than fat.
    Number two: I would suggest either investing in some “transition” jeans that are terribly inexpensive (from target or wal-mart) or (and this sucks, but when you’re not doing school stuff, it would work) just wear sweats for a little while.
    Number three: congratulations!!!!! I am so so so so happy that you are having this problem (and it IS a problem). I’d definitely wait awhile before buying expensive jeans. I’d make that your present to yourself once you hit (or…gasp!) beat your current goal. I’m so proud of you!!!!

  4. If I lost any weight, I would be dead.

    Also, at this rate, you should hit 115 in about a week.

  5. Yeah . . . I vote the same. I definitely wouldn’t buy jeans from buckle or somewhere like that – wait until you are at your goal and you have settled into a size and are in maintenance. It will break your heart when those expensive jeans don’t fit anymore.

  6. I am so glad you posted this because since I lost weight, none of my pants fit. And no one wants to hear about it, but it’s a problem! I can’t justify spending a ton of money on new jeans right now with this stupid unemployment, but I am literally rolling…ROLLING…my jeans down to keep them from falling.

    I say, buy an affordable pair that fits you now, don’t spend the huge bucks until you’ve reached your goal. Then it’s like a reward!

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