i need you…

…and, by you, what i really mean is that i need your musical genius and eclecticism to shine forth and multiply and help me with something.

(and, darling bff, if you’re reading this for some weird reason because i know you don’t read my blog unless i tell you to really but on the off chance that you are, could you please not read this one?  kthanks. love!)



i have an idea for a present.

but…i need help. mainly because i am somewhat brainfried right now and haven’t really been paying much attention to the world around me much. i know. life is tragic.


i need love song suggestions.

please don’t throw things at me, but i want to make a CD (i have a history of doing this…yes, i know it’s cheesy. shut up. it goes over well) of songs that remind me of the bff, but i only have a few that i think i actually want to put on there.  i would like to have as much an eclectic mix as possible, so anything from ska to country to swing will work.  i’m thinking of putting some pat benatar, heidi newfield, ben harper, kenny chesney, brad paisley, maybe some jack johnson…see? i’m in a rut! help me!

so…suggestions are great.  suggestions are essential.  suggestions are necessary. please help me seem amazing!  and save me some work. and sanity!

delurk! tell me your five favorite love songs or the songs that make you swoon.  please?

i’ll give you a candy heart.


3 Responses to “i need you…”

  1. Ben Folds, The Luckiest comes to mind right off the bat.
    Your Call (or really any song) by Secondhand Serenade
    Ice Cream, Sarah McLachlan
    When You Say Nothing At All, Alison Krauss (or the one from Notting Hill, both great!)
    Keep Holding On, Avril Lavigne
    In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel
    Come What May, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

    That’s all I got for now but I’ll let you know if I come up with more!

  2. Oh…this is so my type of challenge

    Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
    Amos Lee – Arms of a Woman
    Iron and Wine – Love and Some Verses and/or Such Great Heights
    Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
    Luke Bryan – First Love Song
    David Gray – This Year’s Love and/or The One I love
    Keith Urban – Making Memories of Us

  3. I second “Ice Cream” by Sarah Mclachlan! totally love that one.

    1963 – Rachel Yamagata (LOVE LOVE LOVVVVE THIS SONG)
    You Picked Me – A Fine Frenzy
    Beautiful Love – The Afters
    When Did You Fall – Chris Rice
    Crazy ‘Bout Ya – Dave Barnes (along with On A Night Like This…*SWOON*)

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