mesa vignettes.

i went to arizona this weekend, in case you didn’t know.  i was gone friday and saturday and returned late sunday night/early monday morning.  it was a long weekend, but wonderful, because i got to see one of my friends get married for time and all eternity to someone who is wonderful and really deserves her.  it proves that Heavenly Father’s promises are sure.  that was nice to remember.

a few highlights of my trip:

  • i saw bride wars for bachelorette night (oh yeah…we mormon girls go buck wild).  it was WAY cuter than i thought it would be.  if you haven’t seen it, you should.
  • i don’t think the weather could have been more perfect, but my feet DIED in the shoes i wore to the wedding.  i was really seriously in pain.  my feet have not been in closed toed shoes since, and if i can keep that trend going, i will. i think the 49 degrees tomorrow will kill it, but who knows.
  • i did not catch the bouquet. i definitely wanted to, but i didn’t.  the girl who did, however (there were only like four of us single girls of age trying for it…the rest were kids), gave it to me because i am dating someone and she is not.
  • i brought that thing home with me.  on two different flights.  i answered lots of questions about it, and let me just tell you…it’s a little weird to tell people that no, i wasn’t in a wedding. no, i was not the bride (yes, i actually got asked that…which i thought was WEIRD since i was not wearing a wedding ring or traveling with a hot husband but whatever…).  no, i didn’t even catch the bouquet. yes, someone gave it to me.  it was sort of funny.  hard to keep from destroying the bouquet on the sardine-like flights we took home, but…it made it home in one piece.
  • in the atlanta airport on sunday, we had a three hour layover. this layover was made INFINITELY more okay by the super bowl, which was playing on most every airport screen.  we sat with a bunch of random strangers and watched, cheered, and argued about whether or not that steelers touchdown was in.  one rather loud, sort of weird guy kept arguing that it wasn’t.  OF COURSE IT WAS. HE CROSSED THE PLANE OF THE ENDZONE. HIS TOES WERE DOWN. IT WAS IN.  GOOD GRIEF.  and that was rather my tone when we were all arguing about it.  and, yes, i do argue with random strangers in airports about football. thanks for asking.
  • i think i probably text messaged the bff most of every day that i was gone.  and then, last night, i proceeded to delete every single text message in my inbox…including all of the ones that i had hoped to save because they made my heart flip flop.  that SUCKED.  i’ve been assured, however, that there will be others to replace it.

that was my weekend.  i think i am not yet fully recovered from it, but i’m trying.  i find myself rather in need of either a real vacation on a beach somewhere or some serious buttkicking, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps sort of sucking-it-upness.  i’m leaning towards the second with possible plans for the first later.  i have been told that such a vacation will help me with productivity.


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