nothing says love like lots of saturated fat and crafts.

so…in case you wanted to know…which i KNOW you do, here’s what i’ve been working on for the past few days. it’s valentine’s day related, so if you are bitter and angry about february 14th, tell me and i will send you a hug and a candy heart because this day is about loving everyone that you love, not just a significant other.  or, you could be like someone i talked to yesterday who shall remain nameless who said that she hates basically all demonstrations of affection to which i really don’t know what to say.

the big gift is heaps of home baked cookies–his favorite, chocolate chocolate chip, and then some m&m chocolate chip because i had m&ms and felt like i was ahead of my baking schedule:


(yes…that is two WHOLE gallon ziploc bags of homemade cookies.  have i mentioned that i am AMAZING?)

look…i didn’t even intend this…but it turned into a heart shape. it’s like it’s meant to be.


so, to accompany this, i made a card…myself…with scrapbook stuff…and rubber cement…and i made a little flip ring thing of things i love about him and us.  please ignore the fact that everything is reversed…i used photo booth and i’m too lazy to go and flip the photos.  the poem on the front of the card is i carry your heart by ee cummings. and on the back…an interesting pattern on which to write mushy things.  YAY!


and, then, of course, is the CD that i made.  the playlist is as follows. thank you thank you thank you for your suggestions. they were amazing.

lucky — jason mraz (feat. colbie caillat)

everything else disappears — sister hazel

unusual you — britney spears

like i am — ingrid michaelson

awake — secondhand serenade

banana pancakes — jack johnson

so close — jon mclaughlin

first day of my life — bright eyes

johnny and june — heidi newfield

already home — ha-ash

friday i’m in love — the cure

you and i — michael buble

you picked me –a fine frenzy

not fire, not ice — ben harper

little moments — brad paisley

when you say nothing at all — alison krauss and union station

the luckiest — ben folds

i’m pretty happy with it. it speaks to me. i’ve played it multiple times myself and will be burning a cd for MY car soon.

and in case you are like WHY ARE YOU DOING ALL OF THIS?  let me just show you what i got on a random tuesday just because i sounded stressed.


yes. those are not only flowers but daisies. and they are not the first flowers i’ve gotten.

i am the luckiest.

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