love wraps you up.

do you read mir? i read her every day. i love her for lots of reasons, not the least of which is her love thursday series.  i love love thursdays. because it’s about thursday when a big dose of everyday love is what you need.

i’m going to follow in her footsteps.  we’ll see how it goes.

the 4th wednesday of every month i go to orlando to work in the temple. i normally love it, but it leaves me mentally and physically exhausted.  i wake up very early, drive for three hours total (drop in the bucket, really, to any road trip i normally take, but it’s still somethin’…), work for about five hours, and come home.

those wednesdays are normally crazy to say the least.

yesterday, i texted the bff to tell him i was on my way, and he asked if i’d eaten. no, i said, i was going to wait until i got home. we made lunch plans, and rather than me needing to go to the store and get the stuff (no food in my house, really, other than honey bunches of oats and sugar free-fat free chocolate pudding), he said he’d bring it.

i was thrilled.  the last thing i wanted to do at that moment was go to the grocery store.  couldn’t really deal with the idea of it.

he knew.

i got home shortly before he planned to arrive, and started doing dishes. i knew that i had some piled up, but i had been busy and hating dishes a little, so i procrastinated.  i was frustrated by the whole process, perhaps irrationally. they were my dishes. nobody else was going to wash my pans. i get it.  but i had bowls and cups that could have been loaded when the dishwasher was unloaded.  i felt myself thinking frustrated thoughts, thoughts that fit beautifully with the insanely difficult to wash barbecue chicken pan.  scrubbing away, i kept stewing.

by the time he got there, i’d realized that it was silly.  but i was still a little bit hurt that it wouldn’t occur to anyone to help me out when i help them out in very similar ways a lot.  such is life and it’s not a big deal.

but he could tell and hugged me tight.

he knew.

late last night, we started to watch a movie. i wanted to see it–i really did.  but i was exhausted and all i really wanted to do was sleep, completely safe in his arms.  at first, he asked me if i was paying attention.  and then he just let me sleep, watching the movie essentially alone.  the fact that i could fall asleep–seriously asleep–on the couch with him means something big to me.

he knew.

when the crazy comes calling and the world seems too scary for the weary me to face, love wraps me tight.

happy love thursday, everyone.

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