squee updated.

nothing amazing happened. no extraordinary event happened.

i just love this boy with my whole heart and some days it feels like a true miracle that i am with him and that he loves me just as much.

so that just makes me SQUEE! a little. which, of course, is an expression of delight.

thank you for wanting to know. thank you for sharing it with me. thank you for letting me talk about the things that are floating through my head. thank you for sticking around.

i promise that when/if big things happen, i’ll update you. but honestly? most of you will already know because…hello…text messages. 🙂

3 Responses to “squee updated.”

  1. 🙂 That’s still awesome.

  2. I want a freaking phone call . . . The end.

  3. wait a second. when/if something big happens?! seriously?! omg!!!!

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