reunited…and it feels like pain.

remember how i told you that me and jillian were breaking up for a while? that the shred had lost its luster, that i was tired of seeing her face every day and hearing her tell me that if i wanted results, they weren’t coming for free?


we’re back together.

here’s why. i want to boot camp my butt for the next five months. i want to reach my goal by august…or be DARN close.  i have thirty pounds to lose. any suggestions?

so…jillian’s back on heavy rotation. today, for example, even though i know that i’m going to want to die after level 2, i will be attempting level 1 as well.

the toe is managing quite well. although, i sort of wonder. sometimes the bruising seems completely gone. and then other times…bam. it’s back.  is it the lighting? or is it possible that when i am aggressive on my foot, it actually does rebruise?  i don’t know.

that’s neither here nor there. because despite the fact that i can’t really wear shoes other than flip flops and my sneakers (double socked foot, taped toe, broken-in sneakers), i am attempting to shred like a fiend and work out even more.  i did level 2 yesterday (without the jumping jacks. i just can’t make myself do them yet. i loathe them SO much) and woke up this morning feeling muscles that i didn’t know i still had.

welcome back, jillian. welcome back.

2 Responses to “reunited…and it feels like pain.”

  1. I should shred . . . but I’m too lazy

  2. So…I don’t know what your plans are for Spring Break, but I’m going to be here in the G-Ville. So if you need a shred bud? Holla!!!!

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