reasons why today is definitely NOT sucking.

if you’re my friend on facebook, you know that i had a lead on a RIDICULOUSLY cheap apartment ($395 a month for a one bedroom) that wasn’t actually in the scary gang-infested, graffiti-laden, i-can’t-possibly-be-home-alone-without-a-really-big-dog-or-a-loaded-gun ghetto.

(and, yes, i looked there. and yes, i was afraid. and, yes, maybe that makes me less of a person but whatever.)

it was a miracle that i found it, randomly, one night at 2 a.m. when i felt inspired–no, a better word is impressed–to check around for apartments. see, my lease is up in august and i need a place to live and i need it to not cost $100 million because, you know, i’ll be out of school soon and so will have to start paying the student loans back and i don’t have a job yet.

so, you know, the cheap apartments are top on my priority list.  being not homeless is also one of them.

when i found this place, it seemed perfect.  had been recently renovated, had pictures of the inside, and the address to drive by it so that i could see that it wasn’t in the scary ghetto…just in the rundown ghetto. which i am totally down with, jeans and flip flop and lower middle class aspiration girl that i am.

so i made an appointment  to see it.  and in the 36 hours between when i saw the outside and i got to see the inside, i was worried. wouldn’t EVERYONE jump on this deal? wouldn’t this be just the hugest hottest commodity on the gville real estate market? wouldn’t EVERYONE want to see it?

so i went today, with the bff, to see it.

and it was PERFECT.

closets for miles. i’m serious. one entire wall of the apartment, almost from front door to back wall, is closets.  with deep shelves. a storage closet, for all of your miscellaneous cleaning tools.  an enormous linen closet with heaps of deep shelves. two closets in the bedroom, with hanging rails AND shelves.  i mean seriously. it could not have been more perfect.

the carpet is beige and relatively new and in really good shape.  the place had a good vibe, was clean, and had lots of light.

it felt like it could be home really easily. i really really want to make it a home.

the worst thing about it? was a really, really old oven.

and seriously? if that’s the worst thing about it?  i can completely deal.

so the real estate guy was all “you don’t want to make a decision now…think about it and come by the office and fill out an application.” and i was like “uhm…applications are done. can i write you a check for the fee?”

and then i asked the golden question: how many people had looked at it?

we were the first.

and, here’s hoping, the last.

it’s an answer to many a prayer, and i am SO grateful.

so that’s checked off.  moving on to the next challenge.  and boy howdy do i have some coming up…

2 Responses to “reasons why today is definitely NOT sucking.”

  1. Wow, that is awesome and I won’t even ask about where it is since, you know, I’M STAYING IN GAINESVILLE FOR A YEAR, TOO!!! And I need an apartment. But it’s cool, I’ll totally find my own in a not-ghetto area. However…what website did you use?

  2. Oh that is so great! I am happy for you and I hope you enjoy your new apartment and that you don’t have to be in the scary ghetto….good for you! Now about the other challenges…keep me posted!

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