love is forever.

i’m getting married.

let’s all take a moment, shall we?


i would say finally, because i have waited a VERY LONG TIME, or so it seems, for this day. but oddly, it doesn’t feel like a finally moment. it instead feels like all of the waiting, working, wondering, wishing, praying, hoping, and moving forward in faith was absolutely worth it.

i’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

he is worth the wait.

a friend, who i haven’t spoken to in a while, asked me how i knew it was right.  this is what i told her.

just the way it happened…it had a life of its own, but not in that really crazy manic way. just in a slow, steady, full of the Spirit, you know already where it’s going but it’s happening in its own time way.

we are partners.

we slipped really quickly into roles that we thought that we would not be good at, but we are together.  he makes everything easier for me and challenges me at the same time.  i love who i am around him.  he quiets the chaos of the world for me, and makes it easier to face life.

he makes me laugh.

we are best friends, at the core of everything, and we also have chemistry and are crazy in love.

it never occurred to me that it wasn’t right because everything about it is good.

and the way it happened–very slowly, very deliberately, very clearly orchestrated by Someone other than me–made it pretty clear as well.

and finally, i can’t imagine a day without him in it.

i am getting married.

can i get a WOOT up in here?

stories, details, and plans later. i promise.

8 Responses to “love is forever.”

  1. Woot, indeed.

    To repeat my text,

    May your children be as numerous as they are intelligent!

  2. LOL WHAT?! that is soo awesome. we need some deets, stat.

  3. WOMAN! Congratulations!!!!

    We must have pictures. I mearn SERIOUSLY!!

  4. 🙂 I am still so happy for you and my mom says that you can have as much fridge space as you’d like.

  5. I am looking forward to hearing all the details about your upcoming event! What an exciting and busy time in your life! I am so happy for you!

  6. bunkkiness Says:

    I am so elated for you. I have really loved following your story on your blog. It has been uplifting and inspiring. You deserve this happiness so much! All is well with the world- You are marrying your best friend!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  7. woohoo! so excited for you. can’t wait to hear about everything all along the way…

  8. so clearly im late to the punch here, but hi, CONGRATULATIONS lady!!! sooo happy for you:)

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