bridal diaries, chapter one: the argh factor turned into conscious SQUEEing.

so…just so you know, i’m going to be talking about my wedding some. i also hope to be talking about my dissertation some. i did something for that today for the first time in, oh, three weeks. so yay me.

but now we will discuss me being a bride because OH HAI I’M GETTING MARRIED IN FOUR AND SOMETHING MONTHS.


i’ve been stressed y’all. i’m not an idea girl. i don’t like to picture things. i, in fact, cannot picture things. if you ask me to, a little red ‘x’ takes the place of my pupils and i die.  it’s true. it’s tragic. it is what i refer to as spatial reasoning deficiency.

but boy howdy give me some details to work and i will think all the way through them, around them, up them, and down them, and then circle back around to make sure i didn’t miss a detail.

luckily, i’m marrying the quintessential Idea Man, so we’re doing okay in the planning department.

except for the decisions. oh the decisions. and really, when i woe-is-me about the decisions, i’m really talking about the food. and my dress. everything else, i’ve got. red and yellow. bridesmaids asked. flowers planned.

but the food. oh the food.  it’s expensive. there are tons of people. and i want everyone to be happy and blissful and it was causing me to degenerate into the meh monster.

wherein i go around saying MEH! to everything with a furrowed brow.

and don’tcha know…furrowed brow ain’t gonna get you nothing except wrinkles, a tension headache, and a serious attitude problem.

the dress is a whole other thing. i live in serious fear that i will find nothing that will look good on me. or that the dress that looks good on me will cost nine million dollars and thus i will be disappointed because i can’t buy a nine million dollar dress without, say, selling a kidney.

this fear was not aided by my first foray into dress shopping. i went by myself (first mistake, i think, because IT WAS OVERWHELMING TOO MANY DRESSES SO MUCH MONEY OHMYGOSH) and so i ended up, shortly after being directed to the outlet section, also known as the Den of Dingy Dresses that Won’t Fit and Are Ugly Anyways and Why Does It Smell Like That in Here?, i left having not put a single wedding dress on.

so…i’ve been a little stressed.


i decided today.

it’s my wedding.  i’m not allowed to be stressed. do you know why?  because i’m getting married here. to the man of my dreams.  and no matter whether we have meatballs or chicken salad sandwiches or a whole bunch of veggies at our reception, i’m still getting married.

so i’m consciously going to concentrate on the SQUEEE.

so, here are five reasons why today was awesome.

1. ribbon is on sale, three spools for $1.  this makes me utterly thrilled, and makes my bff laugh and say that i actually am going to do this wedding on $20.

2. i’m actually going to david’s bridal this weekend. by myself, probably, again…but i’m going.  and i’m not leaving until i try things on.  i should probably make an appointment…

3. i had to go across gainesville today before work.  i thought i’d be late. i wasn’t. yay!

4. i shredded. level 3. again. i did it better. i even have carpet burns from crazy plank to ab hold positions (weird…). at first, i was angry because the scale jumped up again and it seems like i will NEVEREVEREVER be out of this plateau. but then i realized. i finished jillian michaels’s level 3.  i am feeling muscles i have never felt before.  this is all good and will make me even cuter than i was before.  yay me.

5. i am consciously choosing the happy. and i can feel the power of that choice.

end of chapter one. i’ve got a concert to go to for an amazing trombone-playing hottie who loves me for me.  🙂

One Response to “bridal diaries, chapter one: the argh factor turned into conscious SQUEEing.”

  1. And your very last line was why you should not be stressed! Having an amazing man that loves you for you is really what it is all about! Everything else will fall into place…it did for me and after 17 years we are still very much in love and he is still my very best friend! Enough said!!!

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