scattered thoughts about random things.

i am laying in my bed, surrounded by piles of junk that needs to be dealt with, knowing that i should be out walking rather than laying in my bed because after 3 i won’t be able to work out because i’m donating platelets.

and yet instead i’m writing here.

i really do have to clean this room sometime. it’s beginning to close in on me in a way that is not good, and as much as i hate it sometimes, the peace that comes from a clean room restores peace in my mind.  and i suppose that i really should read the articles that i have intended to read for the last week but which i have yet to read because there’s always something.

i have laundry to do.  and i’m planning on making a yummy pork roast this weekend in the crockpot so i need to go to the store to get the assorted accompanying yummies.

it’s conference weekend, which i’m excited about, but which makes scheduling anything a challenge.

i think i’m going to do stadiums again tomorrow. did them yesterday.  did them on some morning before that.  tuesday maybe? did much better yesterday.  i’m now running up and down most of the stairs and down the big spiral ramps. i’m still walking up the big spiral ramps, but i’m pretty impressed with my progress.

i watched the finale of ER last night. well, most of it because nobody told me that it started at 9. it was a good episode, but one storyline kept reminding me of my grandma and at the end i was like ‘that’s it?’  i wasn’t impressed, for all the hoopla.  i am, however, hecka excited about harpers island, which is a 13 week mystery event on cbs don’tcha know.  that’ll make the spring/summer pass quickly because oh my holy dang that will mean that when it’s over i will be like 3 seconds away from my wedding.


i’m still seriously plateaued.  my response to this varies depending on the day.  some days, like wednesday, i eat heaps of chinese food and decide not to care. some days, like thursday, i am super careful with my food and work out like a crazy person and manage to do a decent job of both. some days, like today, i’m not sure what i’ll do.

i’ve heard some rumblings about something president obama did with the queen.  i guess i should look into that. an ipod? why is everybody hating on giving the queen an ipod? if i was a queen, i think i’d probably dig that. of course, if i was a queen, i’d probably own apple, so…there you go.  i should look into that…

we’re signing the lease for our new apartment today. we’ve begun to refer to it as our house.  it’s very very very cool.

i should get up, i guess, and get to doing something–even if that something is just making my bed and eating some cereal.

happy weekend, all.

One Response to “scattered thoughts about random things.”

  1. Haha, I love your posts like this when you say so much and it’s all train-of-thought-ness. Hope you’re having a wonderful week (and weekend). Miss you!

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