bridal diaries, part two: dreams.

i ordered my wedding dress today. i could probably have done it ages ago, but i think i wanted to wait until the last possible second before the sale ended because that’s how i do things, duh. i think it also had something to do with the fact that a) i didn’t need to order it really until now and b) i didn’t want to pay for it until i had to and c) i still wanted to take advantage of the sale that made it $50 off.

(in other news, i’m going to try very hard NOT to look at the website at all ever just in case my dress goes on superclearance and they sell it for like $5.  because if that happens, i might just shrivel up and die.)

it was $266.  i’m hoping to find someone that i know to make the bolero for me, as i want it to cover more and have longer sleeves than ANY bolero i have ever seen.

(my fat arms, you see, and the fact that i need it to be more modest than it is. in short, i actually WANT it to cover things instead of just looking like it covers things.)

i have heard rumors that the bff’s grandma is like the ultimate sewing balla’. i’m not sure if she loves me enough yet to be willing to do it for me, but i’m going to try to continue to charm her this weekend (for multiple reason, not just my own benefit, in case you were wondering) and we’ll see what happens.

$266.  i think that’s pretty decent. it has everything that i ever wanted and never knew i wanted. and it swishes.

and if you don’t know what that means, you should watch runaway bride.  because…i have that same kind of whee! moment every time i think about it.

dangit now i want to try it on again.  blah.

i’m gonna be a princess bride!  yayayayayayayay!

in other news, last night i had my first wedding related bad dream.

essentially, in the convoluted way that most all of my dreams are, it was my reception/ring ceremony except it felt like a circus because it was in this HUGE warehouse place or something. there were hordes of people everywhere, and i got superdistracted.  i let time waste away and then realized that i hadn’t bought the flowers for the bouquets or made any bouts or corsages or my own bouquet or anything, and my mom was not happy with me at all, essentially saying that was my one job.

the two positive things, in order of awesome, in this dream were the DJ, who was going to play really cool 40s music as well as new stuff as well and my bff, who i distinctly remember being awesome via phone although i didn’t ever see him in the dream. i just remember feeling really loved.

and that’s what’s important, right?

that’s what i thought.

One Response to “bridal diaries, part two: dreams.”

  1. I had a weird dream today while I should have been studying . . . in fact I shall email you about it – right now. right now.


    Love you

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