bridal diaries part three: where i realize that maybe now i’m selfish?

so…i was looking at my facebook page realizing that i had not responded really at all to the MANY well-wishers who posted congrats about the engagement on my page.

(really, i was trying to think of what to say in my status update that WASN’T “carrie misses him” because bff is gone for the weekend, and he’s really not even been gone for like two hours and i’m already feeling blue.  pathetic, really, and i realized it which is why i was wracking my brain trying to come up with something pithy and twitterific.  obviously, since this was a long-winded explanation for one little bit of my blog post, i am failing miserably at brevity.)

does that mean i’m selfish?

i’m feeling like i live in my own world lately. it’s a world that i love very much and don’t really want to change much, and i suppose that it’s part of the process, but i’m beginning to feel like maybe people are looking at me like i am the super selfish bridal beast who doesn’t care at all about them and only cares about herself.

which is NOT TRUE! I PROMISE! but i am lately quite terrible at the phone and email and facebook thing, if only because i don’t have much time on my own and in that time that i do have alone it is usually jampacked with things like working out, showering, sleeping, and working.  otherwise? i’m with the bff and/or fulfilling other responsibilities that keep me pretty busy.

(and let’s be real. i’m engaged and all in love and yes it might be pukey to you cynics, but really it’s just life right now. i’m not at all sure that it will change much once i get married (i sincerely hope not) but it might have to get a little better since you know i have to figure out how to include others in my life.)

i don’t know. i guess i’m posing a bloggy question to my bloggy friends: should i feel bad? do you feel neglected, friends? do you understand that i’m crazy busy? am i mean when i have a boyfriend, as i was told by one friend? am i being unkind?

i am asking.  i am not entirely sure i want to hear the answers, but…i’m asking.


3 Responses to “bridal diaries part three: where i realize that maybe now i’m selfish?”

  1. Um, Hi. My name is LindzML (yeah, you probably forgot I even existed) and I’m also relatively recently engaged. And I’ve fallen off the face of the planet. It’s that time of year for normal people, let alone people that are in the middle of finishing their dissertation, on the prowl for a job, and are trying to plan a wedding in a pretty short amount of time. I’d say that you should probably try to say thank you to everyone that was a well-wisher, just in case THEY think you’re being rude (you’re not, but whatever), but other than that? Don’t worry about it. You’ve got a whole lot on your plate. It’s understandable. I’m sorry for this book and p.s. Bobby’s out of town too…holler at me.

  2. Meh, honestly, it’s not a big deal. we’re all busy, and we all know that you’re super excited and we’re super excited for you! why not just get it all out of the way in one big swoop with a “Thanks for all your well wishes!” status? it’s easy enough and people will see it and be satisfied. 🙂

  3. I don’t mind at all, I know how busy you are! But if you don’t write to me soon I’m going to have you added to the no fly list 🙂

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