bridal diaries: choose your own adventure. or, in other words, help me think about these decisions.


wanna help me make some wedding decisions?

so…the first topic is the cake.  originally, we were going to do all cupcakes. we were going to make them or find friends to make them for us to cut down on costs.  the cupcake idea wasn’t to cut down on costs. the cupcake idea was because that’s what we wanted.  but as time progressed and we realized what a huge deal that was going to be, we decided to order the cupcakes from costco. yummy, affordable, cute.


enter bff’s great-aunt-type-person who announces at easter that she spent her entire college career making wedding cakes and would love to make us one. cue the happy mothers, who always looked askance at our cupcake plan, thinking that it would probably be better if a) we had a regular, traditional cake (this has been a fairly common theme in our nontraditional/DIY/we just want to have a fun party celebration and also do things ourselves) or b) have a little cake at the top to do the traditional cake cutting thing at the reception.


so we’ve talked about it and think that the little cake is probably a fine plan.

but now enters the cake topper dilemma.

see, with cupcakes? you do NOTHING.  just a big tier of awesome cupcakes which people, when they see them, think is awesome and just want to eat.  they don’t expect a weird figurine of a bride and a groom on the top of a two-inch cone cake.

but on a top tier cake? i’m thinking it might look strange with NOTHING on it.

so, i went abrowsing on the internets.

these are the things i DON’T want: 1) traditional and cheesy white bride and black tuxedoed groom and 2) something that you pay money for and just then never use again and/or has no sentimental value and/or is a waste of money.

so…i found these.  i think i know which one i prefer, but i’d love to hear what you would think about these on top of a small cake (i’m hoping white with yellow and red polka dots made out of fondant) on top of a tier of yellow and red cupcakes with (probably) white circular confetti sprinkles.

there’s this one:


why i like it: i collect willow tree, so it would actually fit into something that would already exist in our home/on our dresser. plus, it’s incredibly sweet. i mean, look at it.

why i worry: it’s a figurine. it’s big. and in no way does it look like a cake topper.

and then there’s this:

4198-xl why i like it: it’s CLASSY looking, not traditional at all, has our names on it (which we really haven’t done), and can be something to display in our home later.  it would have our date on it and that’s nice.

why i worry: it’s frickin’ huge.  and will it be too heavy? and is it just not as classy as i think?

what do you think?

also…if you were going to a wedding and were going to get little organza favor bags on your table full of some kind of hard candy (because it will be august and chocolate melts and it’s expensive too), what candy would you like?  please don’t say jordan almonds, because those things are gross and cheesy and i’m NOT DOING IT.

alright virtual wedding guests…don’t let me down.

6 Responses to “bridal diaries: choose your own adventure. or, in other words, help me think about these decisions.”

  1. texaslauren77 Says:

    So I just went to a friend’s wedding this weekend, and coincidentally, another friend of mine owns the business that made her cake. Instead of a topper, they had sugared fruit on the top of the cake. She wasn’t into the whole figurine thing, and best of all, it was edible…and it was GOOD!! Here’s a link to my post with the pictures:

    Also, here’s a link to my friend’s cake business:

    She’s here in Austin, so not an option for you being in Florida, BUT, she has amazing photography on her site, and you might see something you like there. 🙂

  2. i like the willow tree, because its beautiful and sweet and you and i both collect them, but they don’t really go with cupcakes. the second will go, cause its clear and is personal because it will have your name etc. the heavy thing is a concern, but you just have to put something in the cake under it to help with the weight and if his aunt has made tons of them, she can handle it. so i choose option 2.

    for candies, i like the butterscotch and red cinnamon disc things. they are individually wrapped, your colors, i love the butterscotch ones (and you know this wedding is all about pleasing me:), the red ones will help people with bad breath (i mean, who wants bad breath at a reception) and the real kicker, they’re cheap!! so that’s what i think. do with it what you will. cause remember this is about the two of you, do what you want!!

  3. I like the heart one because it will be a nice keepsake to keep somewhere near your display of wedding pictures.

  4. LOVE the first cake topper.

  5. Um, I also collect Willow Tree (we do angels every year for Christmas), but I think it’s for sure the right topper. My only question: will the cake be able to support it? If so, how beautiful!!!

  6. I like the willow tree OR you can borrow my little Orlando Temple topper, if you’d like.

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