the most seriously random hodgepodge ever.

will i ever return to writing substantive posts that make you think?

i have no idea. my guess is yes, possibly somewhere in the middle of august. but who knows.  stick it out with me. sometimes i pull out the gems.

but right now? not so much.

things i’m thinking about:

  • how i want to go SQUEE! because i got pretty things for my wedding hair. now to figure out what to do with said hair (i do have a plan…and the things that i got will go with whatever plan that i have).  i am proud of myself for 1) contacting the maker of said handmade hair doodads and asking if she could special make me some that were smaller to go with the bigger ones (i SO don’t do that kind of thing) and 2) for buying them even though they were expensive-ish. i will skimp on some things. i feel no shame not skimping on me.
  • how i desperately need to find white ballet flats that won’t kill my feet AND will have a non non-stick bottom, because the reception site has carpet and i’m not putting a dance floor down and i need to be able to MOVE…i have found some on dessy, but they are non-returnable and while they look like they won’t kill my feet and they look like they have a decent bottom, i’m just not sure.  they’re a good price, pretty much close to what i would find at payless, but…i just don’t know.
  • i’m pretty sure that birth control pills make me nauseous. also, i’ve heard that if bcp makes you nauseous, you’re likely to have morning sickness when/if you have a baby. super.
  • on the upside, if bcp makes me not want to eat anything but cereal and pita pizza, i will be at my goal weight in freaking no time.
  • rainy days make me want to sleep.
  • the florist’s estimate came in under what i expected.  WHOO!
  • collecting addresses is like herding cats. if you need an expert cat herder, i am apparently your gal.
  • i learned to edit music last night at midnight using GarageBand, which i’ve had all along but never knew how to use.  so my suggestion to you is this: don’t try to learn new technology at midnight when you’re tired. well, don’t do that if you’re me.
  • WHY did postage go up 12 days before i wanted to mail my invitations? WHY? and also…why don’t they have cute love stamps anymore? DON’T THEY KNOW PEOPLE ARE GETTING MARRIED? and now i’m wondering why i care. i might not care. maybe i’ll just get regular stamps and people can stuff it.
  • i’m getting to the point in the wedding planning where all of the big stuff has been taken care of. now it’s an assortment of little details that i remember and forget in a perpetual cycle. my plan for fixing this is to carry around a notebook to write random stuff down when i think of it.  i’m hoping that will help, but i’m just not sure i’ll really ever be able to plan everything, hence why i plan to have a bit of money left over for the thursday and friday before the wedding when i will suddenly say OH CRAP! and realize that i forgot something substantial and will have to run all over creation to find whatevertherandomthingis at a premium price. at least i have a plan.

if anyone wants to help with any of the above concerns, especially shoes, feel free. i don’t want to spend more than $30. if not…i’ll keep on googling (keep on googling, keep on googling…hahaha. oh dear.).

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