gratitude is the word of the day.

i got a part-time adjuncting job today. three classes. not paying great, but paying enough for me to be able to sleep through the night and for us to be okay.

and there’s the potential for future growth. as in a full-time job someday.

we’ll see.

in the meantime, i’m intensely grateful and immensely busy.  so as i’m stuffing my face full of bagel and leftover tater tot casserole (it’s way better than it sounds, trust me), i thought i’d share my news with you.

what are you grateful for?

One Response to “gratitude is the word of the day.”

  1. congrats!! which one is this? i’m grateful to love and be loved, by family and friends. i’m grateful for a job i usually love and for the gospel in my life. i’m grateful for a God that loves me and is with me always. i’m grateful for a full life that is hard and wonderful at the same time. i’m grateful for you!

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