bridal diaries: invitations, part two.

shopping for deals on DIY invitations that weren’t ugly: at least 1 hour.

buying, formatting, font-choosing, and printing said invitations: approximately 4 hours.

copying, cutting, and addressing unique reply cards, registry information, and pictures: 2.5 hours.

stuffing envelopes according to the most awesome post-it driven, list-checking, amazing time-saving system ever: the end of so you think you can dance and two episodes of man vs. food…or in other words 2 hours.

time angsting over the fact that, because postage went up two weeks ago, there are no new pretty wedding stamps: 2 minutes. (who really looks at the stamp?)

time freaking out about the fact that some of our newly trimmed pictures (goodbye white ugly border!) have a raggedy edge because of the paper cutter: 3 minutes. (i got over it. and we used them for announcements, not invitations…not that announcements aren’t good, but…you know.)

time spent watching too much TV and addressing 190+ invitations: 4.5 hours.

time stamping according to destination: 45 minutes.

how long will it take to hit me that this is all really happening? 🙂

One Response to “bridal diaries: invitations, part two.”

  1. lindzml Says:

    Haha, I ask myself the same question all the time. It does in bits and pieces, as I’m sure it does for you, too! It’s a good thing, though. All that at once could unglue even the most grounded of individuals. 🙂

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