the birds in my apartment complex, since a few months ago, have taken to sitting on my window most every morning.

i realized this when i thought that the scratching and tapping that i heard was wasps trying to get in–last summer we had problems with that, and i definitely wanted to be prepared before i got surprised one late night by a buzzing intruder.

but no. i was so happily surprised to see that it was a bird.

she (i’m going to say it’s a she because this is my blog and i have no way to know) has been my fairly consistent neighbor for these months. sometimes, through the haze of sleepiness, i hear the tapping and it makes me smile.

i consider her a symbol of all of the joy in my life.  today, as i was sitting here addressing announcements and invitations and watching enchanted (seems appropriate, doesn’t it? i wanted 27 dresses, but can’t find it in my dvd stack…), another bird (perhaps my friend?) landed on our living room window to get out of the wind.

i said hello.  he (for some reason i think it’s a he…yeah, i don’t know) stayed for a minute and then left.

another symbol of my happiness.  they’re all around me.

i’m glad that i’m seeing them.

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