bridal diaries: i should be shredding, but instead i’m updating you.

so, i thought i was done with invitations/announcements, but more addresses and names are coming in, so…my task today is to go back, buy another box, and get to addressing again.  it will all end soon, i’m sure.  BUT people are getting them…most everyone in gville has gotten it, and they’re writing on my wall and telling me that my reply cards are awesome and it’s a little weird.

now it’s beginning to feel real.

that and the fact that we’re now only two months and one week away.


i told you about my hair doodads, didn’t i? i got them a week or so ago and only a few days ago put them in my hair to see what they looked like. this was in no way a hair trial, since my hair was really just back in a messy bun, but they look GOOD.  even in a messy bun.  i have faith that my hair will look good.

my Gator garters are on their way.  WOOT.

and i found out at the end of last week that, yes, we are going on a honeymoon. but i have absolutely no idea where.  i don’t think i will know until we get there that night.  pretty exciting, huh? i just told him to tell me what to pack.  🙂

shred’s going well. i’m not losing tons of weight but yesterday the bff said that i felt smaller when he hugged me.  that’s usually a really good sign.

speaking of, i need to stop procrastinating and let jillian michaels kick my trash some.

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