facebook bares my soul?

i have been told twice on facebook in the last week that i rock.

by people who live far, far away and, while they know me, couldn’t possibly experience the day-to-day of me.

(they might be glad. some days, i would be.)

i find this somewhat strange. and puzzling. or maybe stuzzling.

why would they say i rock? i feel far from rockish. i feel…weakish. and stressish. and somewhat sheepish that i have gotten a whole lot of not a lot done this week.


not so much.

but it’s been lovely to hear, completely unsolicited and from lovely people that i like very much.

(please note. this is not an invitation for more comments with similar content. this is merely musing, because i wanted to blog and didn’t know what to talk about and then ta-da…)

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