four steps forward, three steps back.

it means i’m making progress, but it’s depressingly slow.

i got to nc and suddenly was struck with a deeply evil sore throat. i thought it was allergies, as i thought my massive headaches last week were. but…’tis not so. some kind of virus has taken hold of my left tonsil and is not wanting to leave me alone.

it’s annoying.

it has also not stopped me from spending COPIOUS amounts of money on all manner of wedding things. i’m trying not to think too hard about my credit card bill.

i have now bought three pairs of wedding shoes. two white and one silver. the silvers i bought because i couldn’t find the white in my size. found them at another store and bought them. i sort of want to keep the silver ones, but i’ll probably take them back and then sell the other white ones i bought online.

(lesson learned: don’t buy shoes online unless you’re REALLY REALLY sure about the fit…)

i’m currently laying on the couch watching harper’s island back episodes on the computer.

i still haven’t done my makeup trial. the only thing i’m really concerned about is finding a base and a concealer that will even out my skin tone and get rid of my scary undereye circles (being sleep deprived for like 97 months will do that to you…), as well as finding the right combination of colors that will dramatically call attention to my eyes without making me look crazy made up and find a lip color that looks natural but awesome.

basically, i should just have my roommate do my makeup, but i’m kind of wanting to know how to do it myself too.

also, i really, really, really, really want to NOT be sick (even a little bit) on saturday. it’s my first bridal shower! i’m getting really excited.

(i may or may not have accidentally seen on my registry that some exciting things have already been bought. i went not for that purpose. i went so that i could update the number of plates that i want…but…scrolling happened. and i feel guilty. it takes some of the surprise out of it. but i only saw a couple, and i’m sure i’ll be so excited when i get them. should i feel guilty? i feel guilty. i should stop it.

and ban myself from ever looking at it again.)

that’s pretty much the end. except that i’m having fun.

and i miss my bff SOOOO much.

we’re rather pathetic. oh well. i’m happily and pathetically in love. ❤

2 Responses to “four steps forward, three steps back.”

  1. Your roomie Says:

    I’m assuming the makeup comment is about me since I’m your only roommate at present… I would love to help you with it if you want me to. I can try to show you how to do it and we can experiment with some colors. let me know 😀

  2. Oh credit cards. How you give us temporary pleasure and long term pain.

    I would consider even one step forward wonderful, considering the alternatives available.

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