i’ll admit it. maybe i’ll be the only one who will.

you can call me callous if you want.

i’m more saddened by the death of farrah fawcett than i am by michael jackson. perhaps it is the 24-7 news world that we live in, aided by facebook (on a lark, i decided to see how many of my friends had updated their statuses about mj…the answer? MANY.), twitter, eonline, and a whole host of others, but i am no longer really surprised by sudden things like this. heath ledger perhaps did me in.

(of course, i’ll date myself, but i remember princess diana and gianni versace…and the oj chase…so i feel like i’ve seen it all evolve.)

i suppose i feel like both of these tragic souls deserved some peace.  i hope they find some.

but really, and i feel like a jerk for admitting this, but one of my primary thoughts (after the “seriously?”) was this: can i still play thriller at my reception, or is that going to be morbid?

i may, in fact, be a horrible person. but seriously?

life goes on.

6 Responses to “i’ll admit it. maybe i’ll be the only one who will.”

  1. My fiance’s reaction to his death: tears.
    My reaction to his death: “Every 14 year old boy in America just breathed a sigh of relief.
    My fiance’s reaction to my reaction: “You’re going to hell”

  2. You can still play thriller.

    Although I didn’t really realize that that was on the playlist……?

    The only reason I can think of is that you’ve been learning the dance and plan on doing it. In which case, rock on.

  3. you know, i get that people are sad and upset. BUT, at the same time, it’s not like MJ was constantly in the spotlight. He wasn’t making new music, and he was rarely seen.

    All of DC was playing MJ songs last night, so I’m sure you can still play “Thriller” at your wedding 🙂

  4. I’m kind of in agreeance about the whole 14 year old boy thing. Yes he had a hard life in the spotlight, but now he’s in a better place, maybe. Farah does make me more sad. She is kind of a strange duck herself, but she fought cancer bravely. You should totally still do thriller. Not morbid, but a tribute to a great musician who has gone on and totally fun!!

  5. I was more surprise at how UNsurprised I was with his passing. I was like “…oh?”

  6. Totally play Thriller at your reception!

    I honestly have to say, I was relatively unmoved by the celebrity deaths that recently happened. But I have loved the non-stop MJ on the radio….that man may have had problems, but his music rocks my world.

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