in which time magically stands still but i still don’t have enough.

it’s the sand slipping through your fingers phenomenon, or the waterwatereverywhere curse.

time seems to have screeched to a grinding, tire-shredding halt here in counting-down-to-wedding-day land.  those of you who are planning or will be planning soon?  know that once you hit a month, and you think that everything will be a blur of speediness, you’re wrong.

it crawls.

CRAWLS, i tell you.

but at the same time, i have not enough time to accomplish everything that i need to accomplish. every day i read and plan. now i have 26+ papers to grade, which should be really, really fun.

(she says sarcastically.)

desperately need to start putting things on craig’s list and finding places to dump my BOXES of books and other stuff that i don’t want and going through all of my stuff and starting the packing process.

but instead, every day i spend doing the same things–waking up, getting ready, teaching, planning, working out, hanging out with the bff at night, and sometimes doing something related to wedding planning in that time.

i don’t understand this weird time vortex.  it’s oddly perplexing.

i’m afraid–oh so desperately afraid–that i will begin to make to-do lists in my head for things that need to be done AFTER we get married and get back from the mystery honeymoon (yeah, i still don’t know where we’re going, but i am pretty sure i have a solid idea) and the wedding week and most especially the wedding day will fly past without me really enjoying it.

i really just want to take it all in.

and that’s where my head is at.

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