let’s make a list, part two.

ways in which my choking, crying, meltdowny prayer for help was answered today, in spades:

1. my friend beth is going to take my books. this makes me happy because a) problem solved. and b) i get to help the libraries. it does my book-loving heart good.

2. my wonderful bff forgave my crazy and just said he loved me and asked what he can do. what he can do is run stairs with me after institute tonight.

3. i sold multiple things on craig’s list yesterday, part of the reason why i was all YIKES about how much i had to do today. i had to clean it all out and get it ready for pickup.  as i was doing it, though, i realized something that i didn’t expect.  do you know that moment when you realize that the pre-moving chaos has actually morphed into pre-moving things accomplished?  that happened. this afternoon.

4. did i mention that most everything that i have put on craigslist has sold IMMEDIATELY? that’s a huge blessing. i’m not making bank off of it or anything, but i am slowly but surely getting rid of the extraneous furniture from my life.  it’s so good.

5. i took the time i spend trolling the internets and put it to good use–reserved a cargo van for moving (i think…stupid page never finished loading…) and ordered utilities for our new place. it’s like we’re actually moving or something. amazing.

6. a friend of mine noticed my facebook status and, being newly married herself, offered so much advice. she also came by and brought me a book that i really wanted to get and read with the bff, and i’m excited about that.  it was SO NICE to be able to just ask questions and get advice from someone who had been there.  i only hope that i can pay it forward.

i am grateful for this day. i am grateful for answered prayers. and i am grateful for the reminder that, sometimes when you ask Heavenly Father for help, he sends in his human troops.

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