question of the day.

do a series of life changes explain the desire to abandon one’s established blog and either start a new, protected, invitation-only one or forget about blogging all together?

4 Responses to “question of the day.”

  1. yes that is totally understandable, but what will i do without your blog? we hardly have time for deep conversations and now that you’ll be a married woman, i feel like we’ll never have them. i get to know you better everytime i read your blog. so start a new one if you like. that would be fun. but please don’t deny us of your writings, musings, thoughts, adventures, questions, stories, and general wonderfulness.

  2. lindzml Says:

    Yes. Hence the lack of writing on my blog (but I don’t have a new one…I just stopped)….but I will be so, so sad if you leave me (unless you make a password protected one and I can still be your friend and read it).

    Yay for our tiny chat today!

  3. Jodi Clayton Says:

    No, no, no, don’t stop blogging!!! I just discovered your blog via Jean’s and I LOVE reading it! I love how you write, I love seeing how you are the person I wish I could be, and enjoy getting to know the you I never had the chance to get to know back in the day. I never comment because I worry you will think it’s creepy that I am following your blog, but I don’t want you to stop blogging!

  4. Do I get an invite?

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