i’m not dead. i swear.

we got back from the honeymoon and pretty much started working. we’ve had plenty of downtime, which we’ve spent with guitar hero and each other, but we’ve also been settling into our house (read: organizing and reorganizing and finding places for everything) and, at least this week, getting ready for next week’s beginning of fall.


i’m teaching seven classes at three different institutions. three of them are online, four of them are onground, and all of them are different. meaning that for each institution, i need a different syllabus and set of teacher tricks.

and a different kind of expertise rattling around in my brain.

and the online classes? i’ve never done that before. it takes a ridiculous amount of prep work that i didn’t really anticipate. once it’s done it will be a cake walk to prep for other online classes. but right now i just feel like i’m fairly drowning in to-do lists.

and all i’d really like to do is go buy the rest of our dishes and bake bread with my new mixer and make lunches for my new husband and blahblahblahdomesticgoddessstuff.

anyway. all this to say that yes, i am here. yes, i am planning on telling you EVERYTHING i can remember about the wedding and the days preceding it and following it. i have stories and they’re good. but right now i’m just trying to keep up.

don’t give up on me yet.

2 Responses to “i’m not dead. i swear.”

  1. Praying for you and wishing you good luck over the next few weeks! Yay for employment of ANY kind!!!!

  2. Jodi Clayton Says:

    I wish you were MY teacher!!!

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