as one facebook friend put it, “this week can shove it.”


i work 4 jobs.

i have to have a page-long to-do list, broken up into my different job categories as well as an etc./life category, in order to even remember to do everything that i have to do.

i have not worked out since the week before the wedding. as in A MONTH AGO. now that i want to, i literally don’t know where to find the time.

i desperately need a nap, but i can’t do that because i have to go to the post office and pick up an overnighted package and then meet someone to get an id and then go pick up football tickets that, while i will be very excited about on saturday, now just keeps me from taking a nap.

i vary from night to night on whether or not i sleep well. sometimes i am dead. others i can’t get comfortable. it’s very frustrating.

i am thinking that i am going to have to stop going to my wednesday night class, which i really do like, and do some independent study instead because i don’t think i’m going to be able to keep up with my three teaching jobs if i don’t work on wednesday nights. i am considering whether or not i am being a whiner about this and should just suck it up. but it’s about 2 hours that i could be doing something else with. (you know, other than stress-induced facebooking.)

i like my teaching gigs, but today i found myself completely frustrated by my MW students. i can’t decide if they just aren’t trying, don’t care, or are really that far below the level that i thought they were. i’m annoyed if it’s the first, ticked if it’s the second, and petrified if it’s the third.

all i want to do when i get home from working, whenever that might be (on tuesdays, for example, it isn’t until 8:30), is spend time with my husband. he doesn’t get home until 8:30 or 9 every night except the weekends, and we both have to be up early, so there really isn’t much of it.

it keeps raining. and i keep not having an umbrella.

why not:

i have 4 jobs, which gives us ample resources to support ourselves. one of those jobs is a TA job, which means i am not paying back student loans yet and i still have health care coverage, which is very important to me.

i have a to-do list, and i’ve been working it. boyhowdy have i become an expert at working that list. it is singlehandedly saving me. and it actually makes the stress seem totally manageable. or maybe mostly.

let’s be serious. i’ve been eating like a truck driver. the fact that i have not blown up like a very large balloon is testament to the fact that a) my lifestyle is really far from sedentary now (teaching for 5 hours straight? i’m pretty sure it’s strenuous.) and b) i must have adapted to the whole eating to maintenance thing almost instinctively. that’s very good news, really. also, i think my stomach is flatter.

uhm, WE HAVE SEASON FOOTBALL TICKETS THAT PRETTY MUCH DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY AND INTO OUR LAPS. oh tebow, spikes, and james. i’m coming to watch you work miracles in my swamp. que bliss.

i get to sleep next to my very favorite person. if i am awake a bit more to realize that, that’s not a bad thing.

the bff can’t go to the wednesday night class either, so maybe if i do independent study, we can do it together. that would be good, actually. i’m thinking that might be the best solution to multiple problems.

it will stretch me as a teacher. i will learn how to teach to varied audiences. this one’s the hardest. they really are annoying me, but there’s not much i can do about it but adapt.

you know what? we may not have a lot of time, but the time we have is precious. and you know what? the man i married is precious. he knows that tuesdays are my terrible days. so what did he do during his break from school? came home and vacuumed, made the bed, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and bought me flowers. i came home, saw the flowers and the vacuumed floors (i discovered everything else piece by piece), yelled out loud “HE’S THE BEST GUY IN THE WORLD!” and cried.

i’ll make it through this week and i’ll finish all the things on my to-do list and i will collapse on sunday and sleep all day, like i normally do, and i will get up and do it all again on monday, except i’ll have more time to get ahead.

and all will be well.

One Response to “as one facebook friend put it, “this week can shove it.””


    I’m sorry, I had to. Hope that brightened your day (though I’m sure not as much as the flowers and wonderful Husband did). I ❤ you. xoxo

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