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i was talking to a friend the other day that i haven’t seen in AGES, and we were trying to catch up as best we could via gchat, which is harder than it may seem. she said that i seemed really happy. today, someone said that i looked like the i was sitting on top of the world.

i am happier than i have been in a long time.

but before you all go rolling your eyes and thinking that you know the reason, it’s far more complicated than that.

going home for the holidays was really good for me in lots of ways.  of course, it was WONDERFUL to see the family that i hadn’t seen in half a year. that’s the longest i’d gone before.  but before i headed home, i think i felt stuck in who i once was.  that sounds odd.  let me back up a bit.  i have talked here about how my mind couldn’t quite catch up to what my body had done. i think that was really true in many ways…like i couldn’t quite embrace who i now was.  all of the changing that i had done–the physical, i think, just serving as a symbol–hadn’t really cemented to me.

the trip home did something funny.  it was like something clicked.

or, if you will, the pieces started falling into place in the right order and at the right time.

i was talking to the BFF (do i need a new name for him? suggestions?) about this and used that metaphor for things that he was excited about, and at the moment that i did, i realized that in so many ways it was true of me as well.

when i looked in the mirror while i was at home, i saw the person that everybody kept telling me i was.

when i was faced with challenging situations, i was the person i hoped that i would be.  or in the moments that i wasn’t, i recognized it and transcended it before i made a situation worse.  in short, i abdicated my throne as the queen of passive aggressiva and just said what i wanted to say.

when i needed to be patient, i was patient–with myself and with others. when i needed faith, it was there.

so i am happy…so much happier than i have been in a long time, but much of that is the direct result of a lot of hard work that i’ve been doing on myself.  and i have to believe that the new amazing things in my life are similarly a result of who i am now…as well as who i always have been.

the pieces, which were all there before but were all wonky and out of sorts, are now all fitting together really, really well. if this makes any sense, i feel more like myself than i have in a long time.  like maybe the pieces that needed to come together were only for me–so that i could realize who i am.

weird.  odd. awesome.

in other news, partially brought on my chickbug’s recent post about the top ten reasons it sucks to have a blog, i’m wondering how much of the good stuff going on in my life you actually want to hear. i definitely don’t want to be that girl who’s like OH HAI GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME DON’T YOU WISH YOU WERE ME I’M SO LUUUUCCCCKKKY? because that girl is that one you want to stifle in whatever manner is available to you or stick gum in her hair or throw things at her or…well you get the picture.  but i also don’t want to be writing about boring crap and doing memes all the time because i am avoiding the things in my life that are crazy good.

so…what’s your philosophy, y’all?  you’re the readers.  and yes, this is my space and, yes, i will ultimately do what i want with it, but…i like you guys. i’d like to keep you around and keep you commenting, if at all possible.  so…share with the good doctor.

i’m listening.

Protected: there’s no combination of words.

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word of the day.

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according to our generation’s answer to the encyclopedia britannica (did i even spell that right?):


sass, courage, spunk, determination, attitude

ex: “That girl’s got moxie.”

that girl, of which they speak?

that’s me.

phase this.

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do you know phase 10? the game?

well, wait. let me back up.

i heard about this workout and, given my recent inclination to not move at all because i either don’t want to get out of my house or i don’t have time to get to the gym because i spend that time doing other things like freaking out about mock interviews or sleeping because i haven’t slept at all in ever, it sounded like an awesome idea.

except that i couldn’t find a regular deck of playing cards.

but i stumbled upon our apartment’s deck of phase 10 cards, and decided that since there were four colors, it would work. so i decided that blue would be squats, red would be jumping jacks, green would be pushups (although i did wall pushups because i am a big wimp and have no upper body strength), and yellow would be crunches.

my goal was to go through the entire deck.

do you know how many cards are in a phase 10 deck?

108 cards.


that go up to 12.

and guess what color kept coming up?


about halfway through the two-thirds of the deck that i actually go through, my glutes and quads were screaming.  and i thought, goodness. i might feel this a little bit tomorrow.

i didn’t really keep count of how many squats i actually did, but it took me thirty minutes to do my workout, and i didn’t really stop at all.  it was all jumping jacks (which are WAY fun, btw!), crunches, pushups, squats, squats, squats, jumping jacks, pushups, repeat repeat repeat.

so i thought i’d be a little sore.

that was tuesday.

it’s now friday.

i am only now beginning to walk normally, rather than like someone recovering from abdominal surgery or who has injured herself in some heinous manner.  i only now can face stairs without wanting to sob and can only now feel my muscles beginning to loosen up.

granted, i haven’t gone to the gym since and i wasn’t drinking enough water by a long shot (both of which help muscle soreness), but…seriously.

this is the sorest i’ve been, like, EVER.

i LOVE it.

during my christmas break, i plan to do this thing at least twice a week. it’s fun, easy (ha!), and i can do it anywhere.  and i can face it a lot easier than walking or running in the biting cold of north carolina christmas.

which i’ll also be doing.

because if i keep eating oreo cookie balls dipped in chocolate, heaven knows i’m going to have to do SOMETHING.

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so it’s time for another youtube packed song post.

aren’t you EXCITED?!?

i decided that this was going to be my “songs about december” post.  mainly because i was inspired by chickbug, but also because i am a shameless thieving stealer face.

but you still love me, so we’ll all move on.

here are a few of my favorites:

counting crows. a long december.  it’s angsty, and i’m probably aging myself, but there was a time when this song perfectly perfectly perfectly perfectly described how i felt.  and sometimes, decembers can be long. i think i felt this way last year too.

love this song.  love the plain white t’s.  love the fact that i am just a big fat bandwagon joiner.  oh well. and there IS a reference to holidays in this song, which is why i associate it with december. i promise.

i love ingrid michaelson. i love sara bareilles.  i love christmas songs that aren’t traditional but still hit you where your amazing lives. (and they’re saying “is love alive?” btw, in case you’re not sure.)

thanks to chickbug for introducing me.

(dude, what’s with the angst? good grief. let’s slap some happy in here, shall we?)

yes, it’s donny osmond.  shut up. his is the best version i could find.  i like the song, not him.  shut up.

makes me giggle every. single. time.

there you go.

some songs that remind me of december.

i’m sure i’ll have more.

thank you for indulging me.

back to my chapter now.

soggy, but solid.

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“are you there in all that rain? GO GATORS!”–a text message i got in the middle of the second quarter at the FSU/UF game in tallahassee.

“heck to the yes! GO GATORS!”–my reply.

i spent the better part of my saturday completely and thoroughly wet.  if not for the heavy duty plastic poncho that my roommate’s dad thought to send with her, i’d have been soaked to the skin and likely hooked up to IV antibiotics by now.

instead, i wore heavy duty clear plastic, thanked the genetic lottery for the natural curl in my hair, and did the gator chomp with reckless abandon.

and gasped when harvin was injured.

but we won’t talk about that.

and thrilled when tebow got VERY ticked off directly after that play, told us all in the stands to get buck wild, and gator chomped in our general direction.

and then scored.

it was a good weekend.

picture me early on, dressed in my “i bleed orange and blue” t-shirt, jeans, and blue and orange beads, standing in the FSU north endzone stands right next to the band, as we kept scoring IN THE POURING RAIN, and then add this soundtrack:

that’s a pretty solid snapshot.

(don’t talk to me about how i felt at the end, when the wind started blowing and i was freezing and STARVING.TO.DEATH.  but there for a good 45 minutes? i was gene kelly.

which just sound way weirder than it needs to.)


(and dear santa, please let harvin’s ankle heal by friday. kthanksbye.)

reasons to love today.

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i bought new makeup and a new haircolor in a box (nothing drastic…just a little more golden) and got to hang out with one of my fashion icons and fun favorite people while doing it.

i found a little item going on my christmas list. and another.

i tried on the HOTTEST pair of frivolous shoes that i have no use for whatsoever but that still looked AMAZING on. (how is it that shoes can make your butt look better?)

i ran for three minutes straight, twice.  not counting the two 1.5 minute sets that came inbetween. that’s the longest i’ve gone and i was totally surprised that it wasn’t as horrible as i thought it would be.  i’m excited to see what i can do next week.

mondays are usually suckage. today, i win at life.

Protected: my favorite number. (if you’re my friend, email me for password)

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tagged, the holiday edition.*

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courtesy of copper boom.

i’m supposed to tell you six random facts, but after writing this and this, it’s kind of hard to find things that i haven’t told you yet.  but i’ll give it a whirl.

1. thanksgiving is kind of a letdown holiday for me.  i don’t get into it much, mainly because i have no ownership of it.  in my family, we just sort of get together and eat and then go home.  when we lived farther apart, it was much more of an event because everyone came up and stayed with my aunt and we ate leftovers for days.  we made a weekend of it.  when we’re all in the same general proximity, it’s not a big deal. also, we have finetuned the meal so that there’s not many leftovers. which means no turkey sandwiches, which is genuinely my favorite part of the holiday.  so…mainly i just feel like if i bake a pie sometime between the end of november and the end of december, i have done my festive duty.

2. i have not once gotten up insanely early to shop after-thanksgiving sales. that may change this year.

3. this is the christmas song that can make my cry the fastest.  this is the christmas song that best expresses my feelings most years, sometimes more specifically than others. i think this is the funnest Christmas song (ignore the video). and, yes, funnest is a word.

4. if i don’t watch the original grinch, it’s not Christmas.

5. i have to fight, every year, the sadness of not having that childlike wonder on Christmas morning.  it’s not the same, and i can’t manage to recapture it. i can’t wait to have kids.

6. i hate people like me, who start talking about Christmas too early. like IRRATIONALLY hate. when i see holiday decorations out MONTHS beforehand, it makes me nuts.  but, honestly, i think i will get so little Christmas this year that i’m going to have to start early.  hmm.  maybe a party?

7. an extra, just for good measure. i have waited five years to see a palm tree truly decorated with Christmas lights.  hasn’t happened yet. i hope it happens this year.  it’s one of my insanely stupid florida dreams.

*it just sort of happened. i started with the first and realized that there were six.  sorry.