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an open letter to my muscle groups.

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dear major muscle groups including the brain,

i just want to apologize in advance to you.

you sort of know, from today’s 3.25 mile jaunt in the morning and punishing crossramp interval session not twelve hours later, what’s coming. yeah, it’s going to be one of those weeks.

pure exhaustion. seeing how hard we can work. i have kicked it into high gear physically, and am aiming to kick it into high gear mentally tomorrow too.

i know.

i am sorry, but my will trumps your whining.  advil masks that pretty well.

just so you know, this should last approximately two weeks. then, if you need to, we can collapse a bit.  but for the next two weeks, please bear with me. give it all you’ve got.  let’s see how awesome we can be together.

my will and your strength.

it could be amazing.


the determined one.

reasons to love today.

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i bought new makeup and a new haircolor in a box (nothing drastic…just a little more golden) and got to hang out with one of my fashion icons and fun favorite people while doing it.

i found a little item going on my christmas list. and another.

i tried on the HOTTEST pair of frivolous shoes that i have no use for whatsoever but that still looked AMAZING on. (how is it that shoes can make your butt look better?)

i ran for three minutes straight, twice.  not counting the two 1.5 minute sets that came inbetween. that’s the longest i’ve gone and i was totally surprised that it wasn’t as horrible as i thought it would be.  i’m excited to see what i can do next week.

mondays are usually suckage. today, i win at life.


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i stopped. remember how i said i didn’t stop? i willed my body to keep going?

yeah. i lied. at least seven seconds worth, i lied.  which will probably hang over my head like the proverbial sword of damocles until i redeem myself by someone working myself into a frenzied froth so that i can act like i actually don’t completely and totally suck at running.

because i do.

this is week two.  so i went from running one minute and walking ninety seconds to running ninety seconds and walking two minutes. i quite loved the walking two minutes–you never know how lovely and long that is until you really need it–but the running ninety seconds nearly killed me. i was supposed to do it six times. i was all “oh. i’ll do it seven times. i can do that!”

no.  i did it six.  and then had to sit down.


i keep trying to tell myself that this is okay. i am meant to suck at it. but i guess i had anticipated it being at least a little bit better. i mean, this is WEEK TWO. aren’t you supposed to, like, get better at it?



one of these days, easy would be awesome.

motown can’t hold me.

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so, i go to detroit this week.  for a conference.  the first SERIOUSLY professional conference i’ve ever been to.  i’m pretty much, at this point, trying not to think too much about the fact that i’m getting on a plane in four days and think more about the little details that need to be handled before i get there.

like, say, writing the paper that i’m supposed to be presenting.

it’s the little things, you know.

i am happy to report, however, that i have finally cut my hair.  it’s pretty cute, and it’s getting rave reviews wherever i go. i also painted my toenails and went to kohl’s.

instead of, say, writing the paper that i’m supposed to be presenting.

i have lots to do this week: couch to 5k week two, conference paper, the perpetual brown flat hunt (i think rack room shoes might be my salvation! i looked online! such cute stuff!), and figuring out what to wear.  yes, the vast majority of what concerns me this week is entirely vanity.


lots of things coming up, in the not-so-distant future.  i can’t really articulate them all yet.  i’m sure i will. maybe.

in the meantime, i’m moving forward.  in fact, i think that’s my reaction to most things now. i could sit and stew or i could do something. i choose, control freak that i am, to do something.

save me from danity kane.

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it’s my birthday.

i don’t really want to talk a lot about it.  my plan is to spend the day reading ann radcliffe, nursing some SERIOUSLY sore leg muscles, pick up football tickets, and then steal some silver shoes from my roommate, put on a party dress, and cute it up at dinner and ice cream with my roommates.

pictures will certainly be taken.

this is where you come in.  i am in need of a serious “i’m ADORABLE and hott girl” playlist.  i thought of this…but considering that the song came out two years ago and is a little…skank?…it’s not exactly what i had in mind.

so in honor of my birthday (and my blog’s birthday too, which i missed in the midst of my existential gothic chapter dissertation freakout crisis state), delurk and leave me suggestions. i feel like i am going to need lots of “i rock. the end” girl music.

and you all are precisely the ones to provide.

thanks in advance!

day one.

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i thought that climbing to the tippy-top of the stadium stairs twice made my legs feel like jello and my heart want to explode.

child’s play.

what really brought me to my knees was this morning’s foray into running.

yeah, i did it.  for one minute at a time, eight times, walking a minute and a half inbetween, as prescribed by the gurus who started it all. i didn’t give up, though i briefly thought about it.  i will say one thing for myself–i have trained my body not to stop moving even when it wants to. i can slow down, even to a crawl, but i do not stop moving.  that’s what the past four months have taught me. when i stop, i fail.

i will not fail.

nevertheless, that eighth interval was tough.  for the whole minute leading up to it, sucking wind as i was, i was literally telling myself (out loud…i must have looked a sight…) “you can do it. it’s just one minute. you can do it. it’s just one minute.”

so i did it.  one more time. for one more minute.

feeling rather pathetic afterwards, i asked a question of an online forum that i frequent, the place where i heard about the program i’m following.  i basically asked if this was normal, if i would ever feel less like a complete and total idiot and more like i knew what i was doing.  would it get easier, i wanted to know, or should i expect to always feel like a fish out of water?

it will get easier, they said, but not easy. it requires commitment, dedication, perseverance.

my mom got me a birthday present that arrived a week or so ago, a framed version of this:

the quote beneath it, from ralph waldo emerson, says “what lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us.”

such true words.

she got it for me because of its literal application to my life–she knew of my goal to run the stairs, how much that task had focused my determination and made itself a huge goal in my life–but i know she got it for me for lots of other reasons too.

because when i saw it, i sort of chuckled.  i need reminding, often, that if my life seems to be looking up one big set of steep stairs that need to be tackled, i have my shoes on and the capacity to climb them.

so perseverance?  okay.  dedication?  mmhmm.  commitment?  yeah.  i don’t quit.

here we go.