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i’ll admit it. maybe i’ll be the only one who will.

Posted in celebrities, Life, the internets on June 25, 2009 by drbolte

you can call me callous if you want.

i’m more saddened by the death of farrah fawcett than i am by michael jackson. perhaps it is the 24-7 news world that we live in, aided by facebook (on a lark, i decided to see how many of my friends had updated their statuses about mj…the answer? MANY.), twitter, eonline, and a whole host of others, but i am no longer really surprised by sudden things like this. heath ledger perhaps did me in.

(of course, i’ll date myself, but i remember princess diana and gianni versace…and the oj chase…so i feel like i’ve seen it all evolve.)

i suppose i feel like both of these tragic souls deserved some peace.  i hope they find some.

but really, and i feel like a jerk for admitting this, but one of my primary thoughts (after the “seriously?”) was this: can i still play thriller at my reception, or is that going to be morbid?

i may, in fact, be a horrible person. but seriously?

life goes on.

i’ve taken this * thing a bit too far.

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if you’ve been around at all recently, you know that mondays don’t tend to be good to me.  i don’t know why. i’m veering towards insufficient sleep based on what has become the ritual of sunday naps in the afternoon, which leave me more inclined to watch army wives at 1 a.m. than actually go to sleep.

but yesterday i was quite excited to tackle the day. i’ve made my schedule in my handy dandy blue notebook and although it’s already required modification, it’s okay.

there’s lots to tell you–about minor and major miracles in my life*,  about things that are coming up that both freak me out and excite the HECK out of me so i don’t think about them in too much detail**, about how this week’s madness is the fruit of my procrastination, about how excited i am that the west wing is coming back on bravo and how even though i really have no business adding two more hours of daily TV to my world, i will tape them and be glad of it*** and about how utterly joyful i was to find a marathon on on friday when i got home from work****, about how i had a dream that my birthday went by and i was the one who totally forgot about it and how that was more funny than sad, and about how i miss my family and thought briefly yesterday about finding a time when i could just drive up there and surprise them.  i may still do it.  maybe after the detroit conference.

oh, didn’t i mention that i’m going to the motor city?


so, i have all of these things to tell you but no time to tell you them.  but they’re on the back burner, just waiting for dead time at work or frustration with writing or brainfried break time to reveal themselves.

hang with me.

but in the meantime, it’s monday, and i’m trying to make it work.*****

have a wonderful day!

*do you ever have those times when you are completely stressed out about something(s), and you don’t think to pray about them because they seem like problems that you will just solve later and so you don’t want to bother with them now because as much as they are subconsciously really freaking you out, you have bigger fish to fry? and then all of the sudden out of the clear blue sky, problems get solved without any intervention on your part but entirely because Heavenly Father is merciful and kind and loves you and decides to help you out, as any parent would, just because He knows that the problems are there?

yeah. those happened.  two of them.  this weekend. maybe three.  actually three.  i am a blessed girl.

**not limited to but including job search. but mainly…other things.

***i live in way lower middle class land. no tivo for me. i work it old school, with a VCR, a timer, and some seriously recycled tapes.  that’s how i deal with fall TV.  every day has a schedule.  i tape them and watch them when i have time, when i have a break, or on sundays when i don’t work.  we’ll see how long this lasts.

****oh president santos/jimmy smits, i love you. but i love josh more.

*****if kenley doesn’t get kicked off of project runway soon, i will do damage to some inanimate object in frustration. she’s so…annoying!  who saw that coming? i sure didn’t.

some idle passing thoughts. and i really do mean idle.

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why are the jonas brothers always wearing pants that are just so tight? i mean, beyond the obvious reasons, but these are disney channel staples.  are they subverting disney and subtly encouraging eleven year old girls to check out their butts? because if so…eww.

rumer willis.  someone explain to me the appeal, other than the genetic heritage.  she’s just…not so exciting as to warrant the attention.

does target let you return books without the receipt if the tag is still on it? i hope so. i could get a whole lot of luna bars for the price of this piece of crap book i picked up without much investigation that i couldn’t get past the first three pages of without feeling my moral compass twisting in the wind.

mm.  luna bars.

hey! it’s july.  what the FLIP happened to the first half of 2008?  yeah, i don’t know either.

what are you going to do with your tuesday?  this is my plan:

wake up. do yoga. get cuted up. try not to sweat to death as i walk to class. lecture for an hour about Romanticism.  walk back to car, no longer caring about sweating to death.  grocery store so that i don’t have to eat cheezits for dinner anymore.  commence the great luna bar hunt of 2008. elliptical–YAYAYZ! (there’s something wrong with me…) prep for class. take a power nap.  power through the rest of my novel–or close to it.  make the world safe for democracy once more.

yeah, just checking to see if you were still reading.

tired now.  shutting down.  goodnight noises everywhere.

so you think you can avoid reality tv?

Posted in celebrities, TV and me are pals on June 11, 2008 by drbolte

read this. and understand, please, when i say the following.

I. DON’T. CARE. if they stay, can we stop talking about them?

still, it is annoying to me that they take their millions and spend them in a foreign country. pretty sure those are American dollars. then again, the movie business is global so i guess the globe can have them.


so much for reigniting new orleans, huh? whatever. DON’T CARE.

what i do care about? So You Think You Can Dance.

i LOVES it. lawschoolgirl, stop reading right now if you don’t want to know anything.

i LOVED me some twitch. and joshua and katee with the hiphop soldier tribute? LOVES. so much. napoleon and whatsherbucket are brilliant, and they were outstanding dancers.

i’m hooked. line and sinker. goner. i’ll be plopped in front of my couch to see who goes home. here’s hoping it’s the disco duck twins. they were sad and wearing yellow, something i just can’t abide. we’ll see. of course, did i vote? no. silly. that doesn’t happen until it really matters…

also…THANK THE GOOD HEAVENS that lisa didn’t win top chef. i was worried. the end result was good, but i was just glad that crazy demon girl didn’t get it. gosh, i’ve hated her from the beginning. i wish her success and all of that, but really…blech.

and now, realizing that i have written an entire blog post about reality television and/or celebrity news, i have to go read a book or play chess or something.


help me help you help me.

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hey you. facebook new guy who friend requested me apparently because we’re in the same department but who i do not know from adam. yeah, you.

while i’m sure that you think that’s it’s utterly charming to create dummy facebook profiles for the characters of bleak house, accompanied by pictures of the actors who brought them to life in the pbs miniseries, it’s creeping me out. i already don’t like the “people you might know” feature, and now it’s populated by fictional characters.

my life is surreal enough without you screwing with it. cut it out.

also…facebook chat? i think i might love it. but i can’t decide.

how is it that when i set out to condense my 60 page masters thesis into a 20 page essay, two things happened:

a) i realized that my writing was not nearly as assertive as it is now (yay for confidence!)



someone explain how that happened. i think it had a little something to do with me being disillusioned with the crap and padding. but whatever. i still should have ended up with more than 17 pages.


the unholy attraction of the hills and why, after he busted into her meeting, heidi would leave with spencer WITHOUT EVEN CALLING HER BOSS TO TELL HIM OF HER PLAN.


i need a fake tan. how? help me look not northern european pasty white but not damage my skin any more than it already is. i’m too old for that idiocy, i’ve decided.

i’m excessively tired of doing dishes.

this revelation just hit me today.

are you tired of a chore that won’t go away? can you make me feel better about my life? dishes, trash (which i have effectively managed to get out of for like eight months now…i have no idea how except that i have amazing roommates), and ripping up stupid credit card offers that come in the mail so that i don’t get my identity stolen are my least. favorite. things. ever. except for maybe the gynecologist. yeah, that one tops them all. but i feel like that’s a given, right girls?

so, yeah…long story short too late…dishes. hate them.

just realized i didn’t pay my car payment today when it was the last day to do it without seeming like a giant bill flake.


updated to say: they told me i have to wait “another week or two” to find out fellowship results. could they just shoot me, pour honey all over me, stick me in the hot burning sun on top of an anthill instead? that would be kinder.

freaking bureaucracy. give me MY MONEY! mine. mine. mine.

i think. i hope. bah.

i’m just profusely sorry about the five-year-old kid nature of this post, the whole “and then, this happened, and then, this happened and then, this happened, and then there was cake!” of it all, but…it’s how i feel. i’m all ADD girl lately.

and now i want some cake.

and if it wasn’t 2:20 a.m., i’d go buy some.

because sometimes, you just need some cake.

what i am right now.

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i am, at this moment in time:

–petrified that the GINORMOUS bug that i saw last night and that made me scream like the girl that i am and maybe, i’m not saying for sure but just maybe, jump a little bit won’t have a family member come searching after him because he met his demise between a wad of paper towels and the toilet bowl flushing.

(and if you want to yell at me about killing the bug, stifle it.  i don’t want to hear it.  it being in my world was a declaration of war.  i get to do what i want to do.)

–hopeful that the cleaning product i sprayed all along the windows and floor where said bug once walked will prevent others from wanting to come in.  yeah, i know.  not likely.

–finding it impossible to go to bed before 3 or 4 in the morning or wake up before 11.  sigh.

–wondering what would make someone ask me if i’d ever been engaged before.  i wasn’t particularly worried about answering it, as i’m not ashamed of the answer, but it simultaneously struck me as one of those questions that really crosses a line that i didn’t even really know i had.

–waiting anxiously for news about the fellowship. if you’re tired of hearing about it, imagine how i feel thinking about it.

–wryly amused by the invitation that i got late last night via facebook chat (love it.  i think.  maybe?) from previously mentioned leftist politico friend who wants me to come over and participate in movie marathon fun and frolic.  i chuckle even as i write it.  of course i will go.  regardless of whether or not i am annoyed by being called the reason for the modern wal-mart slave trade, he’s my pal.  we’ll agree to disagree and eat twizzlers while watching movies.  good times.  life is nothing if not funny.

–loving my vacation and already trying to plan the list of 2008 summer festivities, which will probably include learning this:

if i could learn to be as cute as jennifer garner, too, that wouldn’t suck.

–ready for tonight’s lost. i consider myself an intelligent person.  but i don’t understand a single thing going on on that show. it is the ultimate exercise in faith.  i someday believe that it will all come together, so i will endure to the end.  and matthew fox is beautiful, so that makes it less painful.

–unnaturally excited about this weekend’s TV choices. apparently mother’s day means that people sit around and watch tv all day?  whatever. indiana jones is on.  a bunch of stupid girly movies are on on abcfamily.  life is good.

and i have officially reached pathetic.

happy thursday!

i am commencement speaker (and so can you!)*

Posted in celebrities, etcetera, School, the internets on April 29, 2008 by drbolte

found this in the way that the best stuff is found on the web…

…by clicking random links and hoping that it takes you somewhere appropriate.

i thought this was appropriate, since it’s my last day of school before the BEST.SUMMER.EVER (so says she is who is determined to make it so) and because some good friends are graduating (hi david!) and moving on and this time of year always makes me a little bit sad. but no sad!

because when stephen colbert gives your commencement speech, you get wit and really great, inspiring wisdom for the bargain price of one honorary doctorate:

So, say “yes.” In fact, say “yes” as often as you can. When I was starting out in Chicago, doing improvisational theatre with Second City and other places, there was really only one rule I was taught about improv. That was, “yes-and.” In this case, “yes-and” is a verb. To “yes-and.” I yes-and, you yes-and, he, she or it yes-ands. And yes-anding means that when you go onstage to improvise a scene with no script, you have no idea what’s going to happen, maybe with someone you’ve never met before. To build a scene, you have to accept. To build anything onstage, you have to accept what the other improviser initiates on stage. They say you’re doctors—you’re doctors. And then, you add to that: We’re doctors and we’re trapped in an ice cave. That’s the “-and.” And then hopefully they “yes-and” you back. You have to keep your eyes open when you do this. You have to be aware of what the other performer is offering you, so that you can agree and add to it. And through these agreements, you can improvise a scene or a one-act play. And because, by following each other’s lead, neither of you are really in control. It’s more of a mutual discovery than a solo adventure. What happens in a scene is often as much a surprise to you as it is to the audience.

Well, you are about to start the greatest improvisation of all. With no script. No idea what’s going to happen, often with people and places you have never seen before. And you are not in control. So say “yes.” And if you’re lucky, you’ll find people who will say “yes” back.

Now will saying “yes” get you in trouble at times? Will saying “yes” lead you to doing some foolish things? Yes it will. But don’t be afraid to be a fool. Remember, you cannot be both young and wise. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it. Because cynics don’t learn anything. Because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness, a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us. Cynics always say no. But saying “yes” begins things. Saying “yes” is how things grow. Saying “yes” leads to knowledge. “Yes” is for young people. So for as long as you have the strength to, say “yes.”

And that’s The Word.

i love me some people who make me feel glad to be adventurous.  go forth, young wonderful people, and create your own adventures! and invite me on them! i’m cute! and fun! and AMAZING!

and have a wonderful tuesday.

*this is an allusion to stephen colbert’s latest book.  i’m not really a commencement speaker.

news from the underground.

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it’s 1:32 a.m.

i’m watching rock the cradle (why do i insist on writing cradle of love first?) on MTV and cursing cox cable for their intermittent outages, even though they warned me by obnoxiously polite voice mail that they would.

(they don’t seem to understand that gainesville is a college town and people are up at all hours trying to get things done.)

(ahem. or in theory that’s what they’re doing.)

come with me on my journey into this and other entertainment related observations born of the two jolly ranchers lollipops i ate to try to keep myself awake, my brewing headache, and my ever-present dissertation guilt.

(yeah, yeah. oh the humanity of it all.)

(don’t act like you’re too good. you know you think about this stuff too.)

all right. rock the cradle.

it’s a great premise. thanks, MTV, for finding more reasons to, say, NOT play music on your station. but, uhm, did these people get like any audition at all?

because screeching out avril lavigne (and comparing that love song to your relationship with your father?)? disturbing. very, very disturbing.

also…landon brown. you are pretty. i’m sorry that your father is bobby brown and that that was hard when people dressed up in orange jumpsuits for halloween and pretended to be him. i’m sorry that i kind of found that funny. it’s not your fault. did i mention you’re pretty? i would comment on your musical stylings, but cox…oh cox.

i’m just going to give you the benefit of the doubt, okay

also, E! online is reporting that ashlee simpson is engaged to pete wentz of fall out boy fame. apparently he got her dad’s permission to ask her.


and while you’re at it….kim kardashian? anyone? can anyone really explain this?

and one more thing…flavor of love 3?!? i’m baffled by how there could be one, let alone a sequel. and don’t get me started on tila tequila. oy. the state of our world.

(can i please have lost back? please? please?)

(ooh! ooh! one more! what should i dye my hair? blonder? darker? i just don’t know…it looks pretty good with anything, although i think the darker/redder works better with my skin. all i know is that i have roots and i have gray hair–don’tgetmestartedit’smyclass’sfault, andthediss, andmom’scancer, andi’mOLD!–and it’s time for a change! yaya! so…i’m taking suggestions.)

and on these perplexing notes…i’m back to the Gothic novel.

although i truly think E! and MTV are far more frightening.

saturday night’s all right for fighting (letters iv).

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dear UNC,

while it pains me to say this–and pains me to realize this–could you get your head in the game and out of the place that it is currently residing? i know you’re fighting hard, but that first half was crap and i’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the final four is all about the not #1 seeds winning.

and while i still have the sneaking suspicion that you are in fact the great satan (go pack!), i still don’t want them stinkin’ jayhawks to win.

you’re from my state. you’re wearing blue. what more do i need?

(except maybe tyler hansbrough getting punched in the mouth again? that was good times last year. but i digress.)

so…win. yeah?


if i can’t have florida, ncsu, duke, or davidson, i guess i’ll take y’all.

dear GPD,

when we call you thirteen thousand times about an obnoxious (insert six additional synonyms of obnoxious here to really understand the emphasis) party going on across the way, and you tell us that you’ve been by and it’s a “lawful” act, we get a little bit frustrated.

because, you see, just driving by for two seconds isn’t getting it done.

of course the loud screaming obnoxiously drunk underage participants of said festivities went inside when they saw the car drive by.

are they stupid? no.

inebriated? yes.

most certainly taking RIDICULOUS pictures that will eventually end up on Facebook with captions indicating their fuzzy memories and HOW AMAZING the birthday girl’s red tiara is when it’s atwinklin’? definitely.

thanks for sending the second car, although we do recognize that was only because we called an additional four thousand times to ask pretty please for that to happen oh could you please pretty please?

but when the officer in charge of this particular confrontation seems, by his body language, to be making friends rather than making waves, we get a little nervous. maybe next time, you could send over the 50 year old disgruntled former drill sergeant to break up the party?

because we’re not really believing that junior was really giving them “a good yelling” like he said.

oh yeah–we were watching you. and we pay our taxes.

and we have dispatch on speed dial.

just sayin’,

tired = not patient.

dear murphy’s law of springtime rainstorms,

my hair is looking great. i have old navy flipflops on. my makeup is nearing perfection. i have one errand to run–to wal-mart, with the most singularly crowded parking lot in the land.

of course you will storm like noah himself is gathering the animals. i should have known.

welcome back, annoying deluges. i had forgotten about you.

wondering if summer’s worth it and hoping it is,

the girl trying not to slip and fall on painted surfaces.

dear stephenie meyer,

thank you, thank you for the trilogy.

thank you for writing books that suck me in even on the second or third read. wait…DANGIT. it’s supposed to be less difficult to put it down when you KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.

grr. argh. pfft. (hey. at least i’m reading, right? dissertation and sleep be darned. right? right? RIGHT?)


a fan.

dear brownies,

just stop it. stop calling my name. really.

i’m serious. it’s not fair. it’s just not.

i have to have some will…

…where’s the milk?,


dear jonathan knight,

call me!

(but keep your brother away. he’s creepy!)




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Back, ever so briefly, to say a few things:

  • February is looking rosier, mainly because I am making plans to make my own fun.  I was doing that at the beginning of the fall…and then life rose up to meet me and smack me in the head with its surprises.  I hope it does the same again…but I hope I’m wiser this time.
  • YAY for the Apple Store replacing my optical drive AND cleaning my computer at the same time…and doing it all on MY ideal timeline.  Love them.  Love Macs. Never going back.  EVER.
  • Back on the diet/exercise bandwagon tomorrow. I’m actually getting up to go do some kind of activity for many minutes on some machine in our apartment workout room with the roomie.  Yay for plans that involve, if necessary, my roommate pounding on my door and reminding me that I need to get my butt out of bed.
  • Teaching’s been going amazingly well.  Here’s knocking on wood and hoping it continues.
  • I am officially addicted to the Twilight series. Seriously, if you haven’t read them, you’re crazy.
  • Do you ever have moments when you missing someone hits you so hard it’s like a wave, an almost tangible feeling?  Happened just a few minutes ago for me. I’m always surprised by it.  Always.  That also surprises me–I should be used to it by now, shouldn’t I?
  • The dissertation continues. Goal to make this week: complete draft of the close readings for a chapter…basically everything but the secondary source stuff done.  I think I can make it.
  • Mom’s having a biopsy next week or the week after.  I’m not freaked out yet–it’s happened before with nothing bad to report–but the words “fast growing” never strikes me as comforting. If you pray, could you pray for her? I’m really not at all sure what I’ll do if it’s bad news.
  • I hate that McCain won Florida.  Of course, I also hate the fact that I forgot to change my address on my voter registration so I couldn’t vote in the primary. Actually, I’m rather ashamed at that.
  • I forgot how addicting iTunes shuffle is.  Currently?  “Baby One More Time” is playing.  Sigh.  Oh Britney.  I sincerely hope you get yourself together.

Off to bed.  Sigh.  Another week.

Where do they all go…and why are they passing so slowly and so quickly at the same time?