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coming out of the haze of the wedding and the honeymoon and all of the attention focused on me, i am feeling like i have been a bit of a selfish beast.  i have tried to not be one, to not go crazy and make the world miserable, but to a certain extent i feel like i have absolutely missed so much that’s been going on with other people.

how could i have not realized? how could i have not been more in tune?

i think this intersects with the realization, which often hits me like a large truck, about how generous people have been. we got a couple more wedding presents yesterday, and i just sort of sat there when we opened them, slackjawed and in shock.

people are so kind.  people have been so kind.  generosity just POURING out from sources far and wide.  dinner ready for us when we got back from our honeymoon, a day that was so exhausting even though all we did was go out to lunch with family and drive home.  i was so tired, and i didn’t have to do ANYTHING.  generous gifts from people who i know–i KNOW–struggle and are having a hard time.  it’s absolutely humbling and absolutely awesome.

and i absolutely have a hard time receiving.

to a certain extent, i think i got over it a bit when all of the hullabaloo was going on. it was like christmas or my birthday on steroids.  it was fun times to open all of the cards, it was fun times to open all of the gifts. it was fun to imagine where that things would go or what we could do with that.

but i think now that we’ve settled in, that i’ve had time to reflect, that the world has stopped (absolutely and completely) revolving around me and my stuff, i have realized just how much people have sacrificed to do for us what they have.  it’s hard for me sometimes.  maybe that makes me less of a developed person, but it’s much easier for me to give, or at least to feel like the proportion is almost equal, than to solely receive.

but solely receive is what i have done, and my reaction is one of all-encompassing gratitude and an almost overwhelming desire to be the one to do the same for others.  i have a ridiculous schedule, which perhaps in other times in my life might have made me feel like i didn’t have time to love the way i want to love and to appreciate the way i’d always hoped to appreciate the ones around me.

that’s crap. we always have time for what is most important to us.

thank you to those of you who have been the source of much of this giving. thank you for focusing on me and my joy and my crazy and for doing all that you have done to make my life so much better.

now it’s your turn.

what can i do?

i had a plan when i started this post. i promise.

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i wonder if, from the outside, it would look like a giant step backward for me to go back to teaching middle school.

i think it’s almost hilarious that i want a job in a charter school teaching 8th grade english so bad.  i ran away from those kids just a few years ago. Now i want to go back…just about the time that all of my past students are old enough to be students of mine now–in college.

sigh. i’m old.

i’ve been thinking about the way a changing life changes your priorities. i used to have ambitions of tenured professorship. i always knew, though, that it wasn’t the position i loved–it was the job. teaching. i really love to teach in whatever venue i get to do it.  i love it.  i’m good at it.  i love making a difference. now my dreams are much different. i want a job that will allow me to do what i love while striving to achieve goals.  i just really don’t care much at all about prestige.  or even money, really. all i want is sufficient for any needs.  i want enough to build the life that i want–and that has nothing whatsoever to do with money.

i used to be a social butterfly. i used to be the one who made things happen, who created the fun, who had lots of friends. now i feel like my group is changing, shrinking–as if the sifting has begun and the notable few who love me no matter who i am dating or what i am doing have risen to the top and the others have sort of…fallen by the wayside.

thank you to those of you who are still around and who act now like you always did.

i would like to say i don’t care.  it’s not that i particularly do…just that i don’t understand it and sheepishly wonder if i did the same as a single person.  i feel like this topic is a post that i’m not sure that i’ll write.  i think a few of you will understand, though. if you do, message me (lindzml…i’m actually thinking of you…but anyone is good).  what do you do when this happens?  i feel like i should feel guilty, like i should chase after those people who seem to have left me behind. but the reality is that i have left a lot of my old life behind in favor of a new one that is certainly different but is absolutely right.  am i being selfish?

i don’t feel like i am.  i don’t feel like i am any different, except that my focus has shifted.

but i feel a little fracture in my heart that the people that i thought would be my friends always, who i thought would be actually happy for me, have not been that way.  how it seems like when i am with the bff, i am invisible to them.  i get at once sad and angry.  and then i think…maybe it’s for a purpose. maybe it’s all part of the natural course of things.  i am moving on.  that must be apparent.

(apparently, most things about how completely and totally nuts in love i am with the bff is communicated via metaphorical  surround sound to those around us…even though we think we’re the only ones who know and sort of try to not be all HEY LOOK AT US WE’RE IN LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE around other people.  except in my house. because that’s my house and oh well.)

but it’s still sad.  and annoying.  and i’m not really sure there’s anything to do. i know that there’s a time and a season for all things, and i am on board with that. i think i am seeing that in action right now.  but it’s still hard to realize that when one season begins, the other ends.  i think i’m in the overlapping period, that time when the chill of winter still remains but spring has pretty much taken hold.

i guess i never really expected to miss winter.

little lessons learned.

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i have lost my appetite.  i have no idea where it went, but if it gets held up in customs on its way back to me, i don’t think i’ll mind too terribly much, especially given that the monday after thanksgiving i weighed 3+ pounds less than i did the day before it.  this is not healthy nor is it normal, but it’s awfully freaking ego-boosting.

i have the best roommates in the world.  they worry about me and it’s nice to know someone’s paying attention. that’s family right there.

one of my favorite things is getting lostish while trying to find something.  i call them adventures. i’m beginning to think that everything is better when you consider it an adventure.

it’s still REALLY cool to climb to the top of the jungle gym. it’s probably even cooler when you never did it when you were a kid because you were a giant wimp.

i’m funny.  like even when i don’t try.  probably more, actually, when i don’t try.

sand in your shoes (or in your HAIR or all over your pants) = not so much very fun.  except when it is.

i can’t really listen to optimus prime wax philosophical about freedom in transformers without laughing a little. the later it gets, though, the more the odds are that i will take it COMPLETELY SERIOUSLY and think it’s an awesome metaphor for our time.  you know, even though it’s just a big hunk of CGI metal setting up a sequel.

yes, adorable boys who come into the writing center–you may flirt with me AND get grammatical advice. thanks for doing so today and for seeming excited to see me later in the week for another appointment.  ah, heck. thanks for noticing that i’m a cute girl and not just a disembodied brain.  because i AM.  cute, that is.

sometimes, scriptural discussions end up referring to awesome songs, and then life explodes in awesomeness. thus, i present the youtube clip of the day, the song to which we referred and really a quite deep philosophical statement for our times.

or really, it’s just cool:

job update: not working at mississippi state either.


it’s what you do when no one’s looking that’s important.

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i don’t think i prize anything more dearly than trustworthiness.

i chose to tell a friend of mine, who i consider to be more like a little sister, that one of the people that she trusted with a confidence had not kept that confidence.  it was something i would want to know, since it was a situation that would likely come up and bite her if she didn’t know, and in the process i fear that i may have educated her in a way of the world that she perhaps didn’t want to be educated in.

it made me sad, but it was what i would want someone to do.  it was what a good friend would do, i think, someone who loves you and wants only the best for you.

i suppose i could have stood by, knowing as i do that others are talking about her, but i couldn’t.  when the story came around to me, i immediately asked the person telling me if this person knew that this was happening.

but i’m the one who feels bad now.  perhaps because i know that the knowledge will hurt this person–if not immediately, than certainly later.  perhaps because i don’t like that i knew.  perhaps because now i realize that all of those times when i have talked behind someone’s back, it really did have an effect–even if i don’t know that person well. perhaps because, even though i know this in my head, i still struggle with it in practice.

perhaps it’s because i love this person and my heart aches for them.

perhaps it’s anger at the person who started it all, as it really shouldn’t have even happened and i don’t understand why it did.

trust is a gift.  i know, because i don’t give it out often.  i don’t understand why other people don’t see it that way.

it makes me love and appreciate the people who keep my trust even more.

they are few and far between, but they are there.  and i treasure them.

i get by with a little help from my friends.

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so yesterday, i fell apart a little.

after three days of stagnation on the chapter that had been going SO well, i had crippling writer’s block, which is necessarily accompanied by crippling self-doubt, which leads to paralysis in every aspect of my life.

i tell you this not so that you will feel sorry for me–i got myself into it, and i’ll get myself out of it–but to preface what i’m about to introduce and maybe to explain why i ate an entire bag of haribo gummi bears (the only kind worth it) and cried for twenty minutes on the phone with my mom.

humbled, i definitely am.

i describe where i’m at right now in exercise terms–you may or may not get this. you know that point, at the beginning of your workout, where you’ve been going for a little while and then you just want to stop and die?  for me, it’s about 15 minutes.  to get my heart rate going, it requires an inordinate amount of effort.  at 15 minutes, i have to work harder than i do at any other time.  but i’ve been doing this long enough to know that, at 20 minutes, i hit my rhythm. everything settles into place and i can go forever.  well, at least for an hour.

i am at 15 minutes in this dissertation. and i’ve got to put a whole lot of effort into it, at least for the next little while, to get over this hump.  i feel like, at my metaphorical 20 minutes, i’ll have settled into a routine and will have figured out the system.

so…i’m going internet dark for two weeks.  no more fixating on the blog, facebook, and email.

DRBOLTE is going internet dark–but not this blog.

i have lined up a pretty interesting, engaging group of guestbloggers for you, and i am so blessed to have people in my life who will help me keep my blog alive while i go and focus on something else for a little while.  seriously, they all jumped without question into the fray when i asked.

these are the folks the beatles were talking about.

enjoy them.  leave them comments here and, most especially, visit them on their own blogs.  they’re all fabulous.

and i now owe them big.

see you in september, y’all.  big internetz loves.

now only lasts for one second.

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before i begin, i feel like i need to say something about the last post. i realize that it may have seemed like i actually saw this kid doing something disgusting. i really didn’t. i just saw him peering out of the door.  should i have realized what was going on? probably. but you have to understand that when i am working out, i am thinking about maybe five things, all somehow related to keeping my feet moving and my ipod on.  i don’t contemplate the cosmos or really even think about life. i get into a mindless zone, and it’s lovely.  so…should i have immediately figured out what was going on? probably.  but i didn’t.  and, to be fair, maybe that kid thought i did see. and if he did…then i can sort of understand his surprise.  because wouldn’t you be surprised if somebody was okay with that?  

yeah me too.

now…on to other things.


it’s moving faster lately. 

i don’t know if you’ve noticed.  sometimes i have moments when i stop and wonder:  what have i done with the last million minutes of my life? it seems so grand, that number, doesn’t it?  but it’s not. it’s just about two years.  so where were you ’round about this time two years ago?  who were you?  what were your goals?

did you let life happen to you or did you do something about it?

i feel like today’s lesson, in more ways that one, was about making things happen, not waiting for them to happen.  today in church we talked about such things–about the fact that you don’t change because an event happens.  nobody walks out of their wedding, for example, a completely different person.  do you adapt to circumstances? sure.  but if you want to be a different kind of person, nothing’s going to do that for you except effort on your part.

no quick fixes here in the real world.  sort of sucks, doesn’t it?

but then again it doesn’t, because when you do take your life in your hands and make something out of it, when you have those moments when you realize that SWEET MOSES WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE SUMMER AND WHAT DO I HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT?, you can look around and count.

oh.  i did that.

oh. i became that.

oh. i finished that.

oh.  i conquered that.

oh. that weakness is now a strength.

or you can have tiny moments when you realize that, despite what you thought you’d do or what you most certainly would have done before, you’re making decisions that reflect how different you really are. 

those are cool.

i’ve sort of had encounters with people who aren’t doing this over the past week or so–people who react rather than act.  i worry about them. life is hard.  life is long–too long to worry about the stuff that doesn’t matter–and short–too short to wait around for it to come to you and deliver, in a wrapped package, all of the things that you want to do and be.  those are both true, though they may seem contradictory.  and i worry about people who seem to be waiting around for their life to take flight.

i have learned a few things in my years of hard knocks.  life has been good and kind to me, for sure, but it has polished and refined me something fierce.  what are you waiting for?, i want to ask to those people.

to be brave? you can only gain courage by taking scary steps.

to be strong? you can only be strong by admitting you’re weak or frightened and still stepping further than you think you can.

to endure? you can only endure by moving forward. endurance is not a standing still sport.

to be happy?  happiness is never going to just find you and hang out perpetually. happiness is a condition created by everyday action. 

for people to respect you?  stand up for yourself with respect for them.  say what you mean.  move forward with confidence.  

i wish, so much, that people could just learn from what i’ve been through.  i had a conversation tonight about this with someone who reminds me very much of myself a few years ago.  and i just so desperately, desperately, desperately want to save her from the hard stuff. i want her to stand up for herself, to make choices with confidence, to stop waiting.  it doesn’t work that way, i know.  i think i must now feel a wee bit of what my mom felt when she would plead with me to learn from her mistakes and make my own instead of just repeating hers again and again.  

so what have i learned from all of this? action is my apparently default problem-solving mechanism and my battle plan for life.

when something tough is presented to me, i do something. it may have nothing whatsoever to do with that problem right there in front of me, but it’s got something to do with something, and i’m moving. i can’t stand still. and eventually, to allude to a really cool quote that’s truer than i think people realize, i live my way into the answers to all of my questions.  


but i’ll be living and moving and trying and failing and growing and changing in the meantime.  

and in the last million minutes, i like where that road has taken me.

30 in 180.

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if you frequent copper boom, you know of the 101 in 1001.

(…and not to seem like a broken record, but you should be. right now. because girlfriend needs some costume help and i am of the atrocious when it comes to this area, so go help her out. seriously. i’m not important. click on it. then come back. not going anywhere.)

if you’ve been around here for very long, you know that i have a life list. it’s at 27. i haven’t looked it in a while. it’s sort of sad. well, i’ve been thinking lately (and after just reading lindzML’s list again, which is just about the perfect combination of daunting and fun) that i need to really set some goals for myself. i do better when i have a list of things that i want to check off.

so, since i don’t have 1001 days left here, nor can i even conceive of much beyond about october or early november because SO.MUCH.WILL.BE.HAPPENING!, i shortened my list and made a 30 in 180.

and since i’m all about the accountability, here we go. i’ll probably put it off to the side, too, because i really am going all single white female on lindz, apparently, but more because it will be like HEY! GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GO RUNNING! or HEY! GO SMASH SOME STUFF AND MAKE A MOSAIC! DO IT!

you know. motivation.

so…the 30 things i’d like to accomplish in the next 180 days:

1. run for three miles straight. without dying and/or stopping.

2. finish five chapters of the dissertation.

3. lose 25 pounds. or two dress sizes. (and before you yell…trust me, i do have this much to lose. it’s a pound a week. and i can do it. i just have to really do it.)

4. resist the impulse to dye my hair again. it needs a break–or it really will break. also, figure out if this natural curl thing is something i can actually work to my benefit.

5. exercise at least four times a week. no matter what.

6. go to the beach four times. don’t get burned.

7. make a mosaic table for the my living room.

8. finish my hecka big crossstitch project.

9. don’t give up. but keep to the schedule. (and this doesn’t make any sense to you for a reason. sorry.)

10. present a paper at a conference.

11. submit at least two things for publication that are related to my field.

12. get my eyes checked. buy new glasses that are supersassy, young but professional, and actually wear them.

13. look for a great interview suit. don’t buy one until it makes me feel amazing and beautiful and like i can take over the world when i’m in it.

14. go to the doctor. it’s been too long.

15. be vigilant about visiting teaching. pray to have the fire to do it.

16. feed the missionaries once a month–even if it is inconvenient and even if they are a little bit lame.

17. eat vegetables or fruit at least twice a day. in general, make them much more a part of my diet.

18. write in my journal once a month. the blog’s not the same thing.

19. flirt. shamelessly. at every opportunity.

20. read anna karenina. finally. this time for real.

21. experiment with a recipe to make it healthier–maybe the muffin recipe. try a new recipe out of my cookbook.

22. apply for jobs. a lot of jobs. be organized about it. be on top of it. and be FEARLESS.

23. be a better friend. just in general. to most of my friends.

24. keep paying off the credit card at the end of every month. PAY DOWN THE DEBT.

25. reread the book of mormon. three pages a day will get it done. keep a study journal. be serious about study, not just reading.

26. be an amazing gator football fan. watch as many games as i can. go to as many as i can.

27. have an awesome and outrageous halloween costume. it’s my last one here. make it count.

28. buy and wear cute shoes that don’t kill my feet.

29. invest in cute jewelry. and quality makeup. and yummy lipgloss. and more music (or find more people willing to make me mixes…).

30. keep learning to live within my means. there’s a way to do it all. and if there’s not…choose wisely.

so that’s that. comment if you wish, especially if you have ideas for how to accomplish any of these. but if you want to yell at me because you think i’m crazy, could you…not?


these? i roll with them.

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i was wondering what i was going to say today.

see, all i have to say has been funneled into what i initially thought was a crappy but now think is rather astute (perhaps bordering on brilliant, if i abandon our socially ingrained inability to SQUEEE! on our own behalf) essay on mary shelley’s frankenstein and percy shelley’s alastor. sending it off as a submission for the edited collection i wrote it for was an act of serious faith. i’ll worry, i’ll fret, i’ll try to let it go and move on, i’ll think about how i still haven’t heard about it or the fellowship or anything else for that matter and i’ll remind myself that there’s a reason why the Lord needs to teach me patience.

and then i’ll take a deep breath and go do something else…

…like read blogs.

because as i was trying to think about what to put on my own blog today, and started clicking through my blogroll as i do daily, i started realizing that i pretty much love all of you who write the blogs that have become so much a part of my everyday.

so…welcome to the celebration of a few of you, my bloggy friends, who have impressed me of late with who you are and how readily you share it.

do you know tortious? if you know tortious, you know courage. see, when i was thinking about this initially, i was going to ask you if you’d heard from her lately, because up here in “i worry about everyone and everything because i am me”ville, i was worried/sending her direct messages on twitter/checking her blog incessantly to see if she was back. then i checked. and she was. and she’s amazing. when we really face ourselves, our demons, look them square in the face and say “you know what? i’m scared, but i’m ready. so bring it.” we win. and tortious, you win.

do you know my roommate? if you do, you know someone with the biggest heart ever, with a love that’s quiet and not known to many, but that overwhelms you with its depth. read this and tell me it’s not true. she is becoming the kind of friend that knows you inside out, still likes you, and still makes you watch next and seinfeld because she knows it will make you laugh and what you really need sometimes is to not take yourself so darn seriously. i’ll not tell this to her face, because that’s not how we roll (awwwkward…), but i love her.

do you know law school girl? if you do, you know sass and generosity in equal and hilarious measures. i sing her praises often, because she has been a rock of my sanity over the past few months. she knows how amazing i think her, but did you know that she introduced me to sister hazel (and if you go to her blog, you get to have your very own concert courtesy of her media player?)? she has a supernaturally large affection for them. did you know that she’s obsessed with shoes? i mean seriously. did you know that she offered to buy me a plane ticket so that i could go to see my mom after she had surgery, so that i wouldn’t have to drive? did you know that i love her? did you know that anyone who knows her is lucky to be so blessed? i didn’t think so. she doesn’t blog much i think because she thinks she doesn’t have anything to say–crazy! jump on it! what are you, IN LAW SCHOOL OR SOMETHING? everything you say is amazing!–but she is a treasured friend and i love her to pieces.

do you know ohmygoshi? i didn’t until very recently, but if you do…you know sincerity and thoughtfulness. it radiates from her blog, this sense that she thinks and feels deeply about everything and that nothing goes unnoticed. she’s an old soul, that one, and i am glad to know her.

do you know LindzML? if you do, you know confidence. i don’t think i’ve ever met anyone who seems so completely at home in being who they are. and i know her in real life–and she’s got style, panache, and sass enough to take over any room but the wisdom and respect to know when it’s appropriate and when it’s not. i admire that very much. plus, she’s hecka funny. couldn’t have gotten through the semester without her, half of which she didn’t know i was reading her blog. hahahahaha. good times.

do you know chickbug and darling brookem? if you do, then you have answered the clarion call of coolness. they’re probably going to collectively kill me for this analogy, but i have to go with it. remember when you were in elementary school, and there were those older girls in a grade or two above you who were just SO.COOL? they knew the lyrics to all of the good songs that your mom wouldn’t let you listen to yet, they had those really cool Teen Beat magazines and they wore the most amazing clothes ever. they just had this…aura…of impenetrable coolness and you just completely wanted to be them. chickbug and brookem are like them…in the coolness alone (you’re not old, girls! i promise! that’s not the point!) because these are two of the most generous bloggy girls out there. they both have WAY more readers and fans than i do, and yet they come and are so generous to leave comments and be kind and just make me feel like i matter. they are just super cool in the best way possible–and they still ogle over cute boys and wear awesome clothes. and basically, i want to jump up and down and be like HEY! THEY’RE MY BLOGGY FRIENDS! AND THAT MAKES ME AMAZING BY EXTENSION! and if we hung out, i know we would be irl friends. and i think that’s amazing. and they both post pictures of food (steak tips and sandwiches anyone?) and it makes me heart them even more.

i haven’t even scratched the surface, and that makes me a little sad, so i’ll encourage you to pay it forward. who are the bloggers that you love, that you read every day, that you think exhibit the qualities that you’d like to have or that just make your days better?

thanks to all of you, especially those of you in my blogroll, who make my day a little bit brighter. i feel like i’ve found kindred spirits in many of you–and you anne of green gables fans know those are powerful words.


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went to the beach today.

hilarity ensued.

and burning.  stupid burning.

behold my stupidity:

you’re going to think…no, those most be shadows.  what IS that on her feet and why does it start so abruptly at her ankles?

that’s sunburn, kids, and the reason is because i put the SPF 30 on (well…not well enough on the back of my legs…did i mention OW?) but apparently thought the white whiteness of the tops of my feet were immune.

because clearly my brain has shut off entirely.


pardon me while i stop blogging and flip over onto my stomach (way hard to blog that way, i would imagine).  any sunburn remedies?  i’ve tried the vinegar (i smell like a salad), took a hot shower (not very bad at all, actually), and am putting aloe on it.  but really?

owwws.  and worse? it’s all my own stupid fault.

but it was SO much fun.  i love florida.

she just can’t see what all the fuss is about.

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brandy wrote a post a while back about what her students thought was beautiful. it, in and of itself, is a beautiful post, as are most things she writes. i posted a comment with some things i think are beautiful, and i’d like to put them here and add some more and keep the chain going with your comments. because, you know, sometimes life is just hard and you’ve got really nowhere to go with that.

and beauty makes it better.

so…what is beautiful to you?

here are a few from me:

…sincere i love yous that you can feel–-and see

…cats all curled up, paw over head, in the exact position that i would be if i could be, in the sunshine.

…waves crashing on a beach at night when all you can really see is the foam.

…when i’m brave.

…my grandma’s hands. gosh, i miss her.

…those moments when you see a man hold a door open for a woman, or take her hand to help her up the stairs or out of a car, and you feel like you’ve intruded on something so intimate and sweet that you feel privileged to have witnessed it.

…uninhibited laughter from girls who believe in themselves, even if just for that moment.

…the Orlando temple at night, all lit up. i don’t think i’ve ever had a building take my breath away like that.

…when words fail you and you find another language in which to mourn.