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in which i learn from jon and kate.

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so, i watched jon and kate plus eight last night, along with much of the tv-watching public.

unless you live under a pop culture rock (like my bff who just doesn’t care, bless him–he balances me out so nicely), you know what’s been going on. heck, if you’ve been to a grocery store in the last month and taken a gaze roundabout you, you’ve seen the magazine covers.

so i watched it.

it was terribly sad.

i was going to talk about the show and the people and the situation but now i just realized that that’s part of the problem, isn’t it?  we should stop talking about them and let them live their lives. i hope, soon, that they will just go back to living their lives, pre-TLC.  i hope that they will find a way to mend their family, if their family should be mended, or find a way to raise their children together.  i think they will.

but as we were watching, the fiance and i got to talking because i was rather perplexed at the difference, for example, between this family and a family like the duggars, who have been in the spotlight FOR YEARS. (you don’t have 18 children without some media attention.) they’ve been on tv for a while now as well.  you just don’t see the same changes. 

the fiance suggested that it was because they had their faith to ground them.

now i don’t mean to say that the gosselins don’t have faith. i actually don’t believe that at all. but the duggars make EVERY decision in their family based on a principle of faith, even down to how they spend their money and what they choose to do on vacation. you can agree or disagree with what those principles are and what they choose to do, but when every decision is based on a bedrock principle, doesn’t it make it a bit easier to not be slammed by every wind of reality television fame?

i think so.

but the principle is the same, i think, for every couple and every family.  making your foundation something substantive allows you to survive the storms.  making every decision consciously allows you to map a course for where you really want to go, so that the likelihood is that you don’t end up far, far away from where you thought your destination was. 

surprisingly, amidst the terrible sadness of that show, i think i learned something about who i want to be.  

and i looked at the bff and said “i’m glad you’re in this for forever.”

and he looked at me and said “i am” with a kind of comfortable certainty that made me sure he is.

brought to you by the letter blech and the number 405,678.

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you didn’t know that blech was a letter?

it is. i just added it to the alphabet of my world because sometimes you don’t have the wherewithal to think of anything else to explain how you feel.  except the new letter blech.  and also, it reminds me of sesame street, which always makes me happy. did you know that maria is doing commercials for cox cable now? telling parents that they can check out a new website so that they can review things like “the omen” to see if they are child appropriate?

(let me just say no, and let us all move on with our lives.)

yeah, i didn’t know either until i spent an entire week pivoting between three places–my bed, my desk where the printer is, and my bathroom.  with periodic trips to the kitchen and post office, this is my life.  so i watch a LOT of TV (and holy sweetness i’ve hit a new low if young and the restless is playing on my TV hold on i have to change it and oh good i love lucy).  and so i am up to date on all of the cable commercials because what else are they going to play in the middle of the day when no one except people with the plague are watching?

not that i have the plague. let me not alarm the masses. i feel like, until about…uhm…three hours ago, i was stuck in neutral in sickland, where i didn’t feel SO bad that i couldn’t do anything but i felt bad enough that i couldn’t do much. so i vacillated between guilt and mehness a lot.

but now we seem to have downshifted into a real cold that real girls get, so i feel less like an imposter and more like i might miss halloween.  which i should be upset about, i suppose, but i sort of don’t care that much.

i was going to be a ladybug, you see. i made antenna and everything. we’ll see. maybe i’ll muster enough energy to dress up to take pictures with my roommates. or maybe i’ll just stay in my pajamas.  i’ll let you guess which one i’m leaning toward right now.

did you know that this is the last week of october?  THE LAST WEEK OF OCTOBER. as in we’re closer to thanksgiving and christmas than we were before and OH MY GOSH where did the time go and it’s GAME ON time.

(some of you will understand what that means.  those of you who understand what it means, please understand that in my current condition, i am not feel so very hopeful about such games.)

but that’s neither here nor there.

i don’t really remember why it is that i thought that i should write, except to tell you that i went to the post office yesterday and mailed something like twelve job applications, and did three more online, and some people will be glad to know that at least five of those were east of the mississippi. and i stepped on the scale and nearly fell off of it again because the number was one i hadn’t seen in my adult life. i stepped back on to see if it was mocking me again (it does that sometimes, teasing me with a low number the first time and then giving me the real, higher number all subsequent times) and it wasn’t. doesn’t make any sense, and i fear that it will slingshot back one i am not laying around all day, but isn’t that counterintuitive and what the heck do i care how about i just say YAHOO!

but the REAL point is that i have so very very very much to do, but feel it a tender mercy that i am not freaking out about it. i just keep plugging away, hoping that my best, right now, is good enough to turn someone’s employment-decision-making head or that, if it’s not, my Heavenly Father will make up the difference.

i have chapters to finish, you know.  i’m behind.  and yet, i can’t really freak out about it, even though i have 405,678 things to do before, like, november.

oh, look. there’s the freaking.  good times.

it’s cold and i’m going back to my blankets.  i’ll bring this here computer with me and try to conjure brilliance. or at least use it for its warmth.

i’ve taken this * thing a bit too far.

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if you’ve been around at all recently, you know that mondays don’t tend to be good to me.  i don’t know why. i’m veering towards insufficient sleep based on what has become the ritual of sunday naps in the afternoon, which leave me more inclined to watch army wives at 1 a.m. than actually go to sleep.

but yesterday i was quite excited to tackle the day. i’ve made my schedule in my handy dandy blue notebook and although it’s already required modification, it’s okay.

there’s lots to tell you–about minor and major miracles in my life*,  about things that are coming up that both freak me out and excite the HECK out of me so i don’t think about them in too much detail**, about how this week’s madness is the fruit of my procrastination, about how excited i am that the west wing is coming back on bravo and how even though i really have no business adding two more hours of daily TV to my world, i will tape them and be glad of it*** and about how utterly joyful i was to find a marathon on on friday when i got home from work****, about how i had a dream that my birthday went by and i was the one who totally forgot about it and how that was more funny than sad, and about how i miss my family and thought briefly yesterday about finding a time when i could just drive up there and surprise them.  i may still do it.  maybe after the detroit conference.

oh, didn’t i mention that i’m going to the motor city?


so, i have all of these things to tell you but no time to tell you them.  but they’re on the back burner, just waiting for dead time at work or frustration with writing or brainfried break time to reveal themselves.

hang with me.

but in the meantime, it’s monday, and i’m trying to make it work.*****

have a wonderful day!

*do you ever have those times when you are completely stressed out about something(s), and you don’t think to pray about them because they seem like problems that you will just solve later and so you don’t want to bother with them now because as much as they are subconsciously really freaking you out, you have bigger fish to fry? and then all of the sudden out of the clear blue sky, problems get solved without any intervention on your part but entirely because Heavenly Father is merciful and kind and loves you and decides to help you out, as any parent would, just because He knows that the problems are there?

yeah. those happened.  two of them.  this weekend. maybe three.  actually three.  i am a blessed girl.

**not limited to but including job search. but mainly…other things.

***i live in way lower middle class land. no tivo for me. i work it old school, with a VCR, a timer, and some seriously recycled tapes.  that’s how i deal with fall TV.  every day has a schedule.  i tape them and watch them when i have time, when i have a break, or on sundays when i don’t work.  we’ll see how long this lasts.

****oh president santos/jimmy smits, i love you. but i love josh more.

*****if kenley doesn’t get kicked off of project runway soon, i will do damage to some inanimate object in frustration. she’s so…annoying!  who saw that coming? i sure didn’t.

the return.

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September is the sign of many things. It ushers in a new school year, it signals the end of the summer, and a break in the heat. The leaves take on that pretty orangey red color, and start to make that “crunch” and “crinkle” noise as you walk on them. But for me, the most exciting part of September, is the return of GOOD TV. While I do love my Summer TV (Hi, So You Think You Can Dance!), it’s the Fall lineup that really has my heart.

That’s right folks, I, Ohmygoshi, am here to guest blog about the return of the fall lineup, or as I like to call it, Reasons Not To Do My Homework. There are so many shows I’m excited about. What’s a girl to do? One thing that is lacking in my life is the digital recorder (DVR, I miss you so!), so I’ve decided that I’ll play it by ear from week to week to determine which shows to watch live and which to watch online. I know it looks intense, but stay with me here:


Gossip Girl – Who doesn’t love to be in the know with S and B? Looks like summer was a hot one for our favorite NYC preppies. Chuck Bass and the gang are back for another season of mischief, fun, and pure seduction, and I couldn’t be more excited.

One Tree Hill – Who did Lucas choose? Was it Lindsey, Peyton, or Brooke? I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to watch Monday’s brand new episode. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed with the first episode of the season, let’s hope things get better from here.

How I Met Your Mother – Will Mrs. Mosby ever be revealed? Personally, I’m rooting for Stella, but they could bring in someone even more fabulous and I’d be cool with that too. It’s going to be legen – wait for it – dary.


90210 – I was a little young for the full force the first time around, but I caught up eventually, and I did watch the very last few seasons live. I’ll tune in for the first bit or so and we’ll see how it goes from there.

Wipeout – Because I love watching people make fools of themselves voluntarily.


Bones – So much excitement, so little space. I’m still upset about Zach being the Gormogon Killer. But I’ve heard rumors about something finally sparking between Booth and Bones, and that’s enough to cure my sadness. 2 hour season premier TONIGHT, y’all!


Ugly Betty – America Ferrera is adorable and I want to be her. The end.

Grey’s Anatomy – Um…need I say more?

Hole In The Wall – This is a play-off of another Japanese game show called Human Tetris. Pretty much, it’s people standing in funny jumpsuits while a wall with a funny shaped cut-out speeds towards them. They then have to position themselves in a way to successfully fit through the hole, or they get pushed off into the pool of water. It’s hilarious.


Brothers & Sisters – Who doesn’t love the craziness that sprouts from the crazy Walker family? Justin and Rebecca hit or miss? Big MISS for me…for now at least.

Desperate Housewives – I’m on the fence about this one. I haven’t really watched in awhile, but I’ve been intrigued lately. It’s definitely going to be one I catch online, if at all.


So yeah, those are my Reasons Not To Do My Homework so far. I’m sure I’ll add in a few more once the shows start going, and new shows start premiering. Productivity has just flown out the window. What are some of your favorites, and what are you excited about?

sytycd, performance week two: my thoughts.

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in order of appearance:

that king and queen thing?  weird.

tango?  meh.  i guess it was okay.

will is a star. i’m with the judges on that.  i didn’t vote for him, though, because i think he should be partnered with somebody better. and if they are in the bottom three, which they shouldn’t be (because i thought it was actually quite good and fun), he’s home free.  cheerleader girl, though, might be in trouble.

foxtrot was an utter snoozefest.  i don’t like them. i don’t know why.

gev’s love story contemporary dance?  hott.  for reals.  i don’t know what the judges were talking about, because i felt it.  it was one of my two favorites this week.

joshua and katee are my rock gods.  they are just stars at whatever they do. i just…don’t have words.  i didn’t like this week’s as much as last week’s, but it’s the second of my two favorites.  i voted for them multiple times.

disastrous salsa. just horrible.  i could do better and…i don’t know salsa.  and if you’re crying in rehearsal?  suck it up.  please.  could they leave now?  i’m ready.

twitchington…was good.  i didn’t think they were THAT good, but i felt it. and from this girl, that’s pretty good since i know NOTHING.  i voted for them. multiple times.

i thought chris tried to crump, but the funniest part of that whole routine was nigel’s comments.

i watch this show for katee and joshua and now for will.  everybody else is lovely wallpaper.

so you think you can avoid reality tv?

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read this. and understand, please, when i say the following.

I. DON’T. CARE. if they stay, can we stop talking about them?

still, it is annoying to me that they take their millions and spend them in a foreign country. pretty sure those are American dollars. then again, the movie business is global so i guess the globe can have them.


so much for reigniting new orleans, huh? whatever. DON’T CARE.

what i do care about? So You Think You Can Dance.

i LOVES it. lawschoolgirl, stop reading right now if you don’t want to know anything.

i LOVED me some twitch. and joshua and katee with the hiphop soldier tribute? LOVES. so much. napoleon and whatsherbucket are brilliant, and they were outstanding dancers.

i’m hooked. line and sinker. goner. i’ll be plopped in front of my couch to see who goes home. here’s hoping it’s the disco duck twins. they were sad and wearing yellow, something i just can’t abide. we’ll see. of course, did i vote? no. silly. that doesn’t happen until it really matters…

also…THANK THE GOOD HEAVENS that lisa didn’t win top chef. i was worried. the end result was good, but i was just glad that crazy demon girl didn’t get it. gosh, i’ve hated her from the beginning. i wish her success and all of that, but really…blech.

and now, realizing that i have written an entire blog post about reality television and/or celebrity news, i have to go read a book or play chess or something.


out of office message.

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hi y’all.

i’m over at copper boom today, cluttering up her webspace while she’s making the world safe for democracy one summer camper at a time. let’s all hope, for your sakes, that she finds internet but fast.

follow me over!

superquick updates on one-a and one-b.

one-a: done.  via email, which is the way we communicate.

one-b: letting it go.  if it’s meant to be it will find a way, since we’ve been in each other’s lives for going on three years now. me forcing it feels…like i’m forcing it, for reasons that are ill-advised and that i don’t want to/can’t/won’t talk about here.  i feel at once like it’s about him and it’s NOT about him…but regardless…i’m letting it go.

speaking of letting it go…did i mention that i’m a squatter today?  GO READ MY BRILLIANCE.


also…are you WATCHING so you think you can dance?  i wasn’t going to. and then i did. and now i can’t stop. and seriously…what are these people THINKING? and how can i learn to bend like that?