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what i am right now.

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i am, at this moment in time:

–petrified that the GINORMOUS bug that i saw last night and that made me scream like the girl that i am and maybe, i’m not saying for sure but just maybe, jump a little bit won’t have a family member come searching after him because he met his demise between a wad of paper towels and the toilet bowl flushing.

(and if you want to yell at me about killing the bug, stifle it.  i don’t want to hear it.  it being in my world was a declaration of war.  i get to do what i want to do.)

–hopeful that the cleaning product i sprayed all along the windows and floor where said bug once walked will prevent others from wanting to come in.  yeah, i know.  not likely.

–finding it impossible to go to bed before 3 or 4 in the morning or wake up before 11.  sigh.

–wondering what would make someone ask me if i’d ever been engaged before.  i wasn’t particularly worried about answering it, as i’m not ashamed of the answer, but it simultaneously struck me as one of those questions that really crosses a line that i didn’t even really know i had.

–waiting anxiously for news about the fellowship. if you’re tired of hearing about it, imagine how i feel thinking about it.

–wryly amused by the invitation that i got late last night via facebook chat (love it.  i think.  maybe?) from previously mentioned leftist politico friend who wants me to come over and participate in movie marathon fun and frolic.  i chuckle even as i write it.  of course i will go.  regardless of whether or not i am annoyed by being called the reason for the modern wal-mart slave trade, he’s my pal.  we’ll agree to disagree and eat twizzlers while watching movies.  good times.  life is nothing if not funny.

–loving my vacation and already trying to plan the list of 2008 summer festivities, which will probably include learning this:

if i could learn to be as cute as jennifer garner, too, that wouldn’t suck.

–ready for tonight’s lost. i consider myself an intelligent person.  but i don’t understand a single thing going on on that show. it is the ultimate exercise in faith.  i someday believe that it will all come together, so i will endure to the end.  and matthew fox is beautiful, so that makes it less painful.

–unnaturally excited about this weekend’s TV choices. apparently mother’s day means that people sit around and watch tv all day?  whatever. indiana jones is on.  a bunch of stupid girly movies are on on abcfamily.  life is good.

and i have officially reached pathetic.

happy thursday!

it’s really the simple things, you know…

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the stress of grading is over.

in fact, grades came out last night and knowing my students, they all checked immediately. i would imagine that many of them were pleased, but i haven’t heard from anybody yelling (yet…why did i say that? WHY?) so that’s a good sign. i thought they were all pretty much what i expected or above.

the impetus to clean and organize has not yet hit. i just can’t make myself do it. i just can’t. i sit here, thinking about how i should, and manage to ignore it and think “i have a week! a WEEK before real life starts! i don’t have to do that now…” we’ll ignore the part where i should be working on my dissertation? kthanks.

regardless of my intentions, i am on vacation. and these are the things that have brought me some silly joy over the past few days:

i happened upon this blog (which i really like! yay for new blogs!) and right there was a clip from adventures in babysitting, and my soul clapped a little in merriment. so, for your amusement, a clip that pays homage to one of my favorite movies with a song that makes me laugh a little…

i’ve spent much of the past few days reading these:

and now i’m reading this:

i just realized, after i posted, that these are all about summer.  it makes a sort of sense now. and yeah, i guess i should be reading grownup things, but grownup things are for grownups and i’m not grownup this week.  i’m an adolescent again…who sleeps in too late and eats dinner food for breakfast and breakfast food for dinner and who thinks about how she should probably look fairly decent for the pizza man if he comes a-calling.

i’m pretty much in love with this stuff, which is keeping me sane and not screaming. (my back? burned REALLY bad in some spots. i swear. the irony that i live in florida and can’t survive the sun is not lost on me at all.):

and, the unfortunate element, is these, which are in my freezer:

as i’m blogging, i’m watching this and they’re on a trip to gville…and they’re going to places that are like DOWN THE STREET from my house and i laugh and it fills my soul with silly joy, because it’s like i’m famous by proxy.


it’s one nonstop party around here. if i take a shower today, i’ll call it a success.

you think i’m kidding. that’s cute.

what silly things bring your soul joy?

news from the underground.

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it’s 1:32 a.m.

i’m watching rock the cradle (why do i insist on writing cradle of love first?) on MTV and cursing cox cable for their intermittent outages, even though they warned me by obnoxiously polite voice mail that they would.

(they don’t seem to understand that gainesville is a college town and people are up at all hours trying to get things done.)

(ahem. or in theory that’s what they’re doing.)

come with me on my journey into this and other entertainment related observations born of the two jolly ranchers lollipops i ate to try to keep myself awake, my brewing headache, and my ever-present dissertation guilt.

(yeah, yeah. oh the humanity of it all.)

(don’t act like you’re too good. you know you think about this stuff too.)

all right. rock the cradle.

it’s a great premise. thanks, MTV, for finding more reasons to, say, NOT play music on your station. but, uhm, did these people get like any audition at all?

because screeching out avril lavigne (and comparing that love song to your relationship with your father?)? disturbing. very, very disturbing.

also…landon brown. you are pretty. i’m sorry that your father is bobby brown and that that was hard when people dressed up in orange jumpsuits for halloween and pretended to be him. i’m sorry that i kind of found that funny. it’s not your fault. did i mention you’re pretty? i would comment on your musical stylings, but cox…oh cox.

i’m just going to give you the benefit of the doubt, okay

also, E! online is reporting that ashlee simpson is engaged to pete wentz of fall out boy fame. apparently he got her dad’s permission to ask her.


and while you’re at it….kim kardashian? anyone? can anyone really explain this?

and one more thing…flavor of love 3?!? i’m baffled by how there could be one, let alone a sequel. and don’t get me started on tila tequila. oy. the state of our world.

(can i please have lost back? please? please?)

(ooh! ooh! one more! what should i dye my hair? blonder? darker? i just don’t know…it looks pretty good with anything, although i think the darker/redder works better with my skin. all i know is that i have roots and i have gray hair–don’tgetmestartedit’smyclass’sfault, andthediss, andmom’scancer, andi’mOLD!–and it’s time for a change! yaya! so…i’m taking suggestions.)

and on these perplexing notes…i’m back to the Gothic novel.

although i truly think E! and MTV are far more frightening.

things i probably shouldn’t have done today.

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…watched the end of Friday Night Lights, which featured this speech by the amazing Billy Bob Thornton:

Now, ya’ll have known me for awhile, and for a long time now you’ve been hearin’ me talk about being perfect.

Well I want you to understand somethin’. To me, being perfect is not about that scoreboard out there. It’s not about winning. It’s about you and your relationship to yourself and your family and your friends.

Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn’t let them down, because you told them the truth. And that truth is that you did everything that you could. There wasn’t one more thing that you could’ve done.

Can you live in that moment, as best you can, with clear eyes and love in your heart? With joy in your heart?

If you can do that gentlemen, then you’re perfect.

I want you to take a moment. And I want you to look each other in the eyes. I want you to put each other in your hearts forever, because forever’s about to happen here in just a few minutes.

i cried. that definition of perfect? i’d like to achieve it.

then a dislocated shoulder and more heart than anyone EVER and they LOST but they were perfect? i cried. i really and truly did. i always do.

…watched A Wedding Story and A Baby Story. i cried.

(are you seeing a pattern?)

…turned off my alarm rather than go to the gym this morning because i didn’t get enough sleep and didn’t feel especially great and just didn’t want to in general. i feel badly about that…and then again, i don’t. i’ll pick it up again tomorrow and i’ll go as much as i can. maybe i need to just be chill about this whole thing.

i didn’t cry. i more wanted to kick myself.

…weighed myself. no movement. AT ALL. again, the frustration. i’m sure the frustration contributes to my meh attitude, although i will say that i am sleeping better than i have been in MONTHS (remember my fairly constant struggle with insomnia?) and i am ridiculously flexible.

just shook my head. i don’t get it.

…laid on my bed for two hours after i got up. i’m cold. i’m still here. i have to grade. i HAVE to. i just don’t know how i am going to. i was thinking of the things that i would rather do than grade these papers, which i started on friday and nearly made me lose the will to live.

(and there are SO many of them. SO many.)

i legitimately asked myself if i would rather eat glass than grade these papers. the answer is, of course, no, but…i had to think about it for longer than i’d like. i would, i think, eat non-toxic glue if someone promised me i wouldn’t have to grade. or cottage cheese (which, in my mind, are on par with each other).


…started watching “Greek” on ABC Family. Dang college shows with their stupidly adorable boys. Bah.

…gone to FHE at all. i felt like junk. i was already in my pajamas (and had been all day) but i got up and took a shower and put on some workout pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt and some fluffy socks to make myself feel better. i pulled my hair back and i let it go a little naturally curly.

did i look great? no. not by any stretch. but i was clean and i was present.

and then one of the FHE guys comes in and is like (mind you, this takes place in MY LIVING ROOM) ‘gosh, carrie, why are you so dressed up?’

at that point, i gave up. i told my roommate the only reason i was there was because she asked me to do the lesson and i didn’t want to slack.  she said that, if i didn’t want to be there, they would just figure it out.

so i went in my room…and cried.  this time, i called my mom.  she told me to give myself permission to just go to bed and stop yelling at myself for not getting done what i had anticipated getting done today and instead congratulate myself for getting done what i DID get done with what i had to give today, which was basically nothing.

i am officially giving up.  going to bed. hoping that tomorrow will be better. it has to be, right?




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point 1:

26,973 conferences with students left. they’re actually not as bad as i thought they would be, possibly because students actually have done what i asked them to do (for the most part) and come prepared with questions and at least part of a draft. maybe it’s also because i am feeling fairly forgiving, during this midterm week, of those who aren’t as prepared as others. who knows?

and as i’m sitting here, blogging inbetween most of my appointments, i realized that i am literally like a doctor. (i know…you’re like DUH. a literature professor is a doctor. we get it. don’t beat that dead horse.) no, i mean a medical doctor. i was listening to one of my students talk about her paper, and about the trouble that she was having with it, and i realized…i am diagnosing writing diseases, writing ailments, that infect the whole composition and then prescribing remedies.

i am a doctor! hooray for me!

point 2:

hunger but the appearance of a sparse cabinet. i haven’t any idea whatsoever what to eat. this is not a “i should eat healthy–what am i going to eat?” situation. i was considering eating deep fried wontons stuffed with cream cheese yesterday. i don’t care at all right now. yet, i am poor enough to not consider eating out every day until saturday, when i go back home to chill with mom, but i am lazy enough/internally stressed enough that i don’t want to try to be creative in my “what can i whip up out of macaroni and a package of hot chocolate” delusions of grandeur. it’s not really that bad, but with three people’s food everywhere, i honestly forget sometimes what i have and what i don’t have. i fear this may mean eating…well…not well for this week, which is i think exactly the opposite of what i need to be doing.

point 3:

one lesson plan to do. that one i think will be cake. oh dear. did i just really say that? oh bleak house, how i love thee. how bleak house, how i wish that you were written by a woman writer so i could include you in my dissertation since i just got a brilliant idea yesterday while sitting in class. oh bleak house, how you mock me with your 1000 pages and yet make me feel so very accomplished to have not only read you twice but taught you successfully once. now to wrap you up in a tidy package that engages issues of victorian crisis of confidence. that’s the task, you see. it’s so easy to just talk about the crazy characters for weeks. now? now i must make meaning out of it! it’s a task that makes me think of the lady in the water kid who reads cereal boxes. you know, it’s important, but it’s a little bit ridiculous at times too.

i am almost a doctor. yay for me. sigh.

point 4:

how i feel. i can’t describe it. i tried for my mom who, poor soul, is actually worried about ME rather than herself (i think that she would find some reason to be worried about me, because it keeps her thinking about things other than herself and i TOTALLY understand that, but i was legitimately so tired and worn out and stressed out this weekend that i understand why she would be…i was a little bit worried about me myself). the best i could do was to describe it as when there are so many things going on and you can’t quite get a handle on any of them–there’s just too much. so, instead, you sort of disengage and proceed on, feeling a little like a disembodied head floating around. that’s how i feel. it’s WEIRD, i don’t like it, and i don’t know why it is. my mind is working, working, working all of the time…but on what? it’s not as if i’ve achieved anything. instead, i feel like things are slipping through the cracks (although i actually am on top of most everything, thanks to the power of prayer and the Spirit bringing all things to my remembrance). i feel disconnected to most things that, i guess, seem unimportant to me. but i also feel TOO connected to things that are completely unimportant–twizzlers, stupid people and their stupid lives, sleeping too much, TV. i guess i feel pretty much like i’m running on empty and i’m doing whatever it is that i need to do, whatever occurs to me, to make the engine keep going just a little bit longer.

and i’m taking airborne, on the off chance that this “running on empty” feeling actually is, in fact, me running on immune-system empty.

point 5:

is it friday yet?!? please? pretty please?
point 6:

the people on facebook sort of scare me. i mean, i’m on facebook. i love facebook most days. i have something like 4300+ wall posts in the two years that i’ve been on there (yeah…i’m sickly proud). but now everybody’s on it (oh…days when it was only the college students, where art thou?) and there are five million applications and people use it as a therapy mechanism. listen. i have a blog. i love my blog. i speak honestly on my blog, but i understand that a) i am not really as anonymous on here as i think since people that i know and love read it and 2) it’s nevertheless completely separate from my real life and i’m not forcing anybody to read it, so i can say what i want and whine if i need to.

sometimes…people on facebook forget that i know them. i know what they’re talking about. and if they want to, say, be 12 year old girls about stuff and fight with their friends via their status updates i will, in fact, think that they are being 12 year old girls when they are…not. or if you post that picture that makes you look crazy, i’m going to think you’re crazy. or if you post albums full of you taking pictures of yourself (hey…i’ve done it…glorious photobooth inauguration), i’m going to think you’re really that bored or vain. facebook sucks you in, makes you think that you have a supportive community when, really, what you have is essentially a room full of people trying to look good themselves and thinking about/talking to themselves and their friends and their inside plans/jokes. so…please stop whining in your status updates. i’m working hard not to do it myself because, honestly, nobody really needs to hear it. or, if you’re going to whine, please at least do it creatively, okay?

point 7:

how cool is it when you get a dissertation idea from talking about a passage of poetry with a student? SO cool.

how much does it suck that it’s out of my period and i’ll have to put it in my epilogue? SO much.

how awesome is it that i even GOT an idea for my dissertation? SO awesome.

how many questions can i write in this way? SO many.

how much do you wish this post was over?

yeah, me too.

letters, part le dos.

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dear powers that be in the television scheduling department,

while i do understand that you actually did want everyone in america to watch the oscars tonight, and while i appreciate the fact that i did because i found this song (haunting, beautiful, thoroughly worthy of the bling it won tonight), is it possible for something to actually be ON TELEVISION THAT’S WORTH WATCHING sometime during an entire weekend? i spent my saturday afternoon watching lipstick jungle online thankyouverymuch because there wasn’t a decent t.v. movie to be found. where were you, oh bastion of the saturday afternoon movie marathon, TNT? oh yes. jean-claude van damme. where were you, cheesy romantic and stupid as you are, ABC family? oh yes. casper.

i pay a lot of money for the privilege. could you, you know, make a little bit of an effort?

if i watch VH1 anymore, i fear for my IQ.


the girl who wants to vegetate in style.

dear crazy brain,

could you please make it so that i am sleepy sometime before two a.m.? this is REALLY starting to tick me off and mess with my plans for world domination. apparently, lots of stuff happens before 10 a.m., which is when i wake up when you pull this crap.

thanks eversomuch.

your pal, the girl who has stuff to do.

to my future husband, whoeveryoumaybe:

don’t buy a ring without me. or without talking to my roommates/mom. you have great taste (hello!marryingme!) but i’m a girl and i’ve been imagining this forever (hello!doyouknowhowoldiam?). it doesn’t have to be big. it just has to be me.

you won’t regret it. trust me.

yours in platinum or silver,

your girl, who doesn’t necessarily think diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

dear tuesday. and thursday,

please hurry up.



dear students,

please continue to be ridiculously hilarious, to think i am smart, and to do your reading.

you have no idea how your enthusiasm for charles dickens makes my day(s).

but really, if a few of you don’t do better on your quizzes, i’m going to be a bit annoyed. and by a bit, i mean i might lose it a little.

who doesn’t need to know the plot details of a novel written in the 1850s? that’s what i thought.

jeopardy will love you,

the future doctor.

dear lazy 90% of me and the doubting 7.8%,

we’re going into training soon. for the 3 day race–60 miles over three days to raise money for breast cancer in october. we can do it, but we gotta have you on board.

here’s what’s going to happen. you’re going to shut up about being tired, sick, sore, lazy, PMSing, old, or any other adjective that does not directly result in us being on the treadmill and doing crosstraining and whatever else that little piece of paper says. if you need motivation to stifle it, please think of your mom who is going to be fighting hard to just get to work a couple of days a week…and that’s the just the smallest part of her fight.

so, you’re going to stifle it. if you need to be lazy about something, how about you be lazy about, say, Facebooking? TV watching? being judgmental?

instead, here’s what we’re going to do. we’re going to follow the training schedule. we’re going to do it. you know why? because we can. because one of our goals for 2008 was to get into some shape, to lose the last of the weight, to really work hard at it. and we’ve sucked at it so far.

so…all of the sudden, an answer just dropped into our laps. we’re not stupid enough to let that pass by, are we?

nope. didn’t think so.

we can do it.

wouldn’t it be awesome to be HOTT? but, better, wouldn’t it be amazing to actually see this through?


quitters are lame. we’re doing this. jump on board.

i don’t want to have to get ugly with you.

sincerely, with love, and with heels dug in firmly,

the 2.2% labeled “stubborn and motivated”

setting my sights on the horizon

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The week begins tomorrow, and yet the weekend hasn’t ended yet.   It’s odd, but good.

I’m looking forward to this week.  Not because anything is particularly happening, but because it is beginning cold and that gives me hope and the opportunity to get a lot done. While I know that I say that a lot, I hope this time I mean it because I have things to do.

I spent hours that should have been spent reading Jane Eyre on Saturday reading Twilight instead. It really is a lovely book.  Now I have to get my hands on New Moon and Eclipse.  We’ll see if I can wait to get them from the library or if I will cave and spend money I ought to spend on food or, I don’t know, assorted other practical things on two hardback books that are completely impractical.  We’ll see.

This week, I have four goals:

1.  Catch up on my teaching stuff and be prepared so that when my director comes to observe me, I don’t look like an idiot. Since I’m teaching  Jane Eyre, I think this ought to be a fairly less complicated task to achieve than if I was teaching, say, the Pre-Raphaelites who really just make me groan and have a migraine.

2.  Stop eating crap and get back on the “eat right/exercise more” wagon.

3.  Write a draft of my Barbauld chapter.  That one’s kind of ambitious, but…I’ll put it out there.

4.  Do all of this with as little drama as possible.  Love people, try to think kindly of them, not get annoyed by really stupid stuff that doesn’t matter at all, and eliminate as much peripheral drama in my life as possible.   I’ve had way too much of that lately, and it really does distract.

Not that any of you really care, particularly, what my goals for this week are.  Sigh. Oh well.

But now, as much as my thermostat says that it’s 70 degrees in here, my fingers are cold and the season finale of The Amazing Race 12 is on.  Have a lovely Monday, all. I hope this week brings you much success and joy.

this? this is my over the moon face.

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If you don’t know where that quote comes from, let me introduce you to something that will change your life forever.

I’m indulging in a little bit of Monday hodge-podge, friends.  Follow along at your own risk.  You may find your logic strangely set aside for my whimsical (really hate that word, actually) ramblings, and then where will you be?

…Walking by the redneck frat–I’m sorry. I don’t know what their real name is. Alpha Gamma Rho? Who cares? Alpha Gamma HELLO is more like it–was oh so very delicious this afternoon.  Boys barbecuing outside in the sunshiny slightly nippy Florida winter air? Yummy.  Boys wearing John Deere hats and blue jeans and steel toed boots? Yummy. Boys who only drive excessively large trucks? Yummy.  The fact that I STILL have a thing for boys in trucks (since high school…for real), who often come with a whole set of obnoxious redneck attitudes that drive the feminist in me NUTS? Not so very appetizing.  Also, that I used yummy a lot? Oy.

…Hallelujah, it’s not 85 degrees outside. I woke up excessively early this morning just because I had to turn off my fan I was that cold, even under my comforter.  Sigh.  Love it!  Of course, that combined with the fact that I had to take Advil PM last night to even manage a REM cycle means I woke up infinitely later than I had anticipated.  It was lovely, though.

…My week is shaping up to be ridiculously busy.  I am looking forward to that, actually.  It’s odd.

…I watched 3 minutes of “Rock of Love 2” last night and immediately recognized Megan.  I couldn’t place her. I racked my brains. I tried to log on to  All of this took place in about 45 seconds. And then I realized…she’s from Beauty and the Geek!  This realization brought me two different conclusions: 1) I watch far, far too much reality TV if when I recognize someone off of another show I think that I know them in real life and 2) people have no real ambition if what they want to do with their lives is jump from one crazy reality show to another.

And, btw, if Bret Michaels would clean up his act and go to church, I’d date him.  Haha.

…I can’t decide if getting my hands on Twilight, this vampire teen romance saga, is worth the purchase price or if I should just wait until I can get it from the library or borrow it from someone.  If I’ll read it multiple times, it’s probably worth it.   It seems like such a completely frivolous expense, though.

…I had a dream yesterday afternoon, during the requisite Sunday afternoon nap, that I couldn’t turn on the light to save my life.  I mean, not literally to save my life, but you get my drift.  I wonder what that means. I haven’t had a really solid symbolic dream in ages.  I love them, and it’s usually how I dream.  People are rarely the people that they should be. My best friend once was played by John Stamos.  That was funny, since they look nothing whatsoever alike and have an age difference of about 20+ years.  I used to have an online dream dictionary bookmarked, but I haven’t had need for it in a while.  Maybe I need to dust that puppy off.

…I should be working on my class preparation. I’m already behind.  Sigh.

…What’s interesting to do with chicken?  I have some boneless chicken breasts and the spark of a desire for something different. I’m thinking I might try fried rice and lemon chicken.  That might be fun, yes? Ah, who knows. I’ll probably just slap some barbeque sauce on it and call it a day.

…I’m in such college football withdrawal that I am now watching parts of NFL playoff games.  I watched the Patriots, just with the fervent hope that they would finally be defeated.  I watched the end of the Chargers-Colts game yesterday because 1) Philip Rivers is from NC State and played there while I was there and I think he’s a phenomenal QB and 2) anytime a team can take out the SuperBowl champion from the AFC championship game, I’m happy.  But, really? When did this sports thing happen? I never used to be like this…it’s odd. But I quite like it.  The man who gets me will be a lucky guy…unless of course he doesn’t like sports.  And that DOES seem to be the kind I attract…sigh. That one gets a double sigh.

Have a lovely Monday, everyone. Six more days until we have to face another one!

you know you’re not a teenager when…

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…you’re willing to continue watching One Tree Hill not because of Chad Michael Murray’s rugged good looks (sorry…I know he’s pretty, but I can’t get over the fact that he’s such a skeez in real life) but because of the little kid who plays his 4 year old nephew. When the kid steals the show, either the show is not so good or I am a little bit baby crazy.

I think it may be a combination, but that kid is ADORABLE. I want four or five just like him. Precocious. Articulate. Blonde and spiky haired. Perhaps a shade fictional.

And, please, powers that be, can I please have a life that includes someone saying to me “Milan. Tomorrow. Smile.”?

Why thank you.

In other news, I was in the paper today. (You have to scroll down–I’m on the 2008 schedule of events.)

And while I certainly looked, I wasn’t even really that excited.

I don’t get out of bed for less than a paragraph, apparently.


i’d like Christmas potpourri for $600, alex

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Things I’m currently thinking about, that must be purged from my alternately cluttered and stupidly empty brain:

1.  Mom’s on vacation now, which means Christmas has officially begun. She doesn’t quite know what to do with herself…she doesn’t have to go back to work until Wednesday the 2nd.  I, quite frankly, don’t know what she’ll end up doing with herself.  It’ll be nice to see what happens.

2.   Tomorrow, we venture out into the frigid cold (well, if you define frigid as upper 50s with the potential for drizzle, as I do) to finish the Christmas shopping. I really can only anticipate it being a nightmare of parking and mayhem, but I’m excited nevertheless. I haven’t had a proper challenge all week.

3.  Is it me or was this week ETERNAL? I cleaned my grandpa’s house on Monday, and when I mentioned something about that day it seemed like AGES ago.  I am bored. That is the only explanation.  It doesn’t help that, if staying in my pajamas is at all a viable option, I do so gladly.

4.  I am currently working on a scrapbook for my grandfather. Well, really, I am reinventing a scrapbook that we made for their 40th anniversary in 1989 (yes, I remember it…) that was entirely contained in one of those old sticky-paged photo albums that eats pictures and makes you want to cry with its desecration of your most sacred memories.

Things I’ve learned from this effort, thus far: I am more creative than I think, my grandma had GREAT taste in shoes as a mid-20s gal living in the big city (and the legs to show those shoes off), and scrapbooking takes forever.

And yet, I’m still enjoying it.

5.  I have not baked ANYTHING since I’ve been home. I don’t think you understand the magnitude of this fact. I normally come home and bake for days…my Mrs. Fields cookies, fudge, rice krispie treats, and assorted other goodies to give away to Mom’s employees.  This year? Not so much.

I can’t really believe it, actually. Perhaps that’s why I’m bored?

I think there HAS to be some baking in my near future.  Definitely.

6.   Somehow, regardless of what I do, I can’t manage to go to bed before 2 a.m.  Even if I take some kind of sleep aid, I still end up awake until at least 2.  This is not good when the rest of my house wakes up insanely early and wants to be all chipper and such.  This especially does not work well if you are supposed to be up and cheerful at 8:30 for the heater repair people.  By 11, I was just not functioning at all.  The nap helped, but really…wow, could I be any more lazy?

7.  I am not feeling particularly festive. Or I wasn’t. Until I watched Mary Poppins tonight and saw that “I Love To Laugh” scene. How can anyone sit through that and not laugh like a silly kid? I don’t understand it.   Don’t quite know what to do to bring the Christmas spirit.  Any ideas?

Well, that’s about all I have tonight.  It’s 11:30 and I may just call it a night, actually.  Go in my room, crawl into bed, and jump back into the world of Harry Potter (or, if that doesn’t quite work, the world of “The OC”–don’t hate).

May the weekend before Christmas be filled with safe travels, happy families, close available parking, and splendid sales.