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dear WGA…please, please, please come back

Posted in celebrities, me, someday I'll be a real middle class girl, TV and me are pals on December 19, 2007 by drbolte

I’m dying a little inside every night of my vacation.

It’s TV.

It’s truly terrible.

Evidence of this? The fact that I watched BOTH “Clash of the Choirs” (admittedly on fast forward thanks to TiVO) and “Duel” because there was nothing else on.

I know, I know. This is when you tell me to read a book or something.  It’s primetime TV.  There should be something, anything that I can watch.

And yet…nothing.

Even on DirecTV…all of those channels and NOTHING.

I don’t know what the terms of the WGA are–I mean, I know that there’s a lot of discussion about online content and residuals for reruns and all of that, and I’m sure that someone somewhere has a much better handle on it–but I’m pretty much just begging y’all to figure it out.

PTB, give them what they want. It’s worth it. These people are brilliant. They’re not asking for the moon, and really, the truth is that I need The Office. I need Bones. You’re taking away 24, and now Lost may only be 8 episodes? This is not okay.  I need SCRIPTED TELEVISION please.

Reality is just…not that entertaining, actually.

Why do you think I watch TV?


Oh, and also…Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant and Mama Spears’s book on parenting is now on hold indefinitely.


And also…I’m watching “Matlock” from like 1986, and some guy just asked “Did your brother have a favorite South American country?”  I’m sorry…what?  Am I supposed to have a favorite South American country? I mean, I have a favorite color…a favorite food…even, at times, a favorite movie. But a favorite South American country?

I feel so behind the times.

bliss in turtle pajamas

Posted in ghetto life, i hate vegetables, Life, me, TV and me are pals, you have to be a chick to understand on December 15, 2007 by drbolte

I’ve spent all day in my pajamas. Even when I went to the post office to mail a package and to the grocery store and the Chinese takeout, I still wore my pajama shirt.

It’s long sleeved and completely decent, lest you think I’m walking the streets in some kind of Pretty Womanesque halter or something.  No, thank you.  It’s too cold for that crap.

The minute I hit the door, the turtle pajama pants went back on.

It’s freezing cold here. It’s raining, which is wonderful because it’s droughtland here.

I thought the day would be spent out in the world, going to movies and shopping and trying desperately to stay warm.   Instead, I’ve spent my day on the big overstuffed yellow couch, trying desperately to stay warm and eventually succeeding with two blankets covering me, watching the Hallmark channel.

I’m not even a little bit kidding.

I’ve watched basically every one of those “Love” movies…Love Comes Softly, Love’s Unending Legacy, Love’s Attempt to Completely Take Over the Schmaltzy Made-for-TV Movie Market, Love Equals Falling For A Hot and Of Course Single Sheriff With Incredible Blue Eyes, Love Means Having Abnormally Coiffed Hair for the 1890s, etc.

I ate a Toaster Streudel for the first time in YEARS.

(On a completely different topic, can someone explain to me why it is that I cannot buy a pastry-type product lately without it being a Cinnabon offshoot? All I wanted was brown sugar cinnamon toaster streudel–they used to have them, I promise–and all I could find was “Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll” ones.  Shocking how they tasted EXACTLY the same. I don’t want to know if Mom paid more for them. That would just send me into a rant of sizable capitalist proportions.)

I don’t think I could have asked for anything better today.

It’s exactly what I needed.

There’s a time and a season for everything, yes?

Well, this is my season for schmaltz and streudel.