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this is faith.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on May 4, 2009 by drbolte

i didn’t get the job.

i only found this out because i emailed the headmaster.

i am now working every option i have, every avenue i can think of, to find a job for the fall.

while i feel certain that i will be employed this fall, i am absolutely certain that i am being tested, that my faith is being tested, that life is hard and sometimes it’s just the lesson to walk through it without losing that faith.

let me repeat that. life is HARD.

there are people around me, though, with my harder things going on. things of eternal consequence. things that make hearts literally break.

my frustratingly slow job progress, my stymied applications, are just that. slow progress.

i refuse right now to be sad about it. i have felt myself sort of shift into determination mode, where i am seriously attempting to follow the promptings that i am receiving so that i can do what He would have me do. i have prayed. i have fasted. i continue to do all that i can.

what reason have i to fear? none.

but life is HARD. i feel like, though, that’s the time right before the awesome.