this post has not been approved by my publicist

so the guy from grey’s anatomy has apparently entered rehab.


apparently there is now a rehab program for being a bigoted jerk with no common sense or propriety.

i had no idea.

while i actually think that the guy should be formally reprimanded in his workplace (can we say hostile work environment, everyone?), and possibly fired (since this is the second time he’s done it, and is apparently very, very stupid), i really think that rehab is going a bit far.

or maybe ANNOUNCING the rehab is what i have the problem with.

it smacks of…pandering.

…of the desperate attempts to get the scent of his blood out of the water that is the tabloid press.

…of the public plunging of a man who sees his professional life circling the toilet bowl.

here’s hoping it takes…one less idiot in the world is okay by me.

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